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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

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Dahaka Chase Tips 4

Also in the catacombs, right where the paths split three or four ways, slow down time, and face the right. The rayman hand weapon will be there.

How to beat Ninja Ghosts

A version of the ninja who is completely transluscent and barely visible. Find them by their visible "natural gas leak" refraction of the ground, and they are as easily killed as regular ninjas.

Fire Beasts

An animorphic enemy that looks like an oversized wolf. It is nasty with its charge attacks and explodes when it dies. An infinite number of fire beasts will show in some areas since they are the only method by which the Prince can destroy walls before finding the Scorpion Sword. Fire beasts are found on walls in some instances, so always have a second weapon ready to throw so the Prince can avoid being pushed to his death.

How to beat Raven Swordsmen

An enemy created from ravens, looks like Karasuman from Symphony of the Night, but does not suck. A cut-scene for this enemy occurs early in the game. Although tough to attack from the front, defeat this enemy easily by using wall rebound attacks or just vault and attack it. Avoiding it is always another option, unless the floor the Prince is on is too small to allow any complex combat tricks.

Dahaka Chase Tips 1

Use the slow down time ability when you have enough sand , are confused as to what to do, or the Dahaka is really close to you. This really helps in the Dahaka chase in the Hanging Gardens Area, right after he kills the Crow Master because you wall run and then have to move on a ledge until you can get up when the barrels aren't there.

Dahaka Chase Tips 2

Use the reverse time on these sparingly. Sometimes there is a glitch when you go in time, the Dahaka is waiting for you on the last ledge you were on, for example.

Dahaka Chase Tips 3

In the catacombs, don't hesitate, just run. When you have to break the barrels in the way, use the time slowdown.

Sand Powers

The Sand Powers are back in Prince of Persia Warrior Within™. Indeed, the player is still able to use the Time Powers, but it would be preferable to use them in a whole lot more strategic way: in combats. Several powerful attacks can be triggered if you have enough Sands of Time available. For instance, you will be able to slowdown the Time of your enemies without slowing yours. You will then be able to take them down more easily. We will have new powers related to the time, each new one will be more impressive and more powerful than the previous one and as a player, you will want to use them as much as possible otherwise you will have a tough time…

How to beat Ninjas

Some kind of ninja woman with very fast reflexes are hard to hit. The best way to deal with them is to throw them off ledges and cliffs since they attack in groups and have a neck-stabbing attack that takes off a load of life. Ninjas can be found guarding ledges and may also wall run, so it is best to have a second weapon handy to kill them before the Prince ventures onto dangerous ground.