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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time


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New addiction!

posted by sabbasti (BREMERTON, WA) Aug 16, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

As a rule, I start a game series with the first game. That way, I can get involved in the storyline. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time blew me away.

The animations were smooth, the gameplay was straightforward and dynamic, and they chose excellent voice actors.

This is very much a puzzle game, so it won't be for everybody. There is a lot of block-pulling, switch-flipping, and wall-breaking. But it is always worth the next step in the story.

It is also a very linear game. You have one goal, one objective, and no real options to do anything but achieve whatever goal you have next.

It's also very hack-and-slash in terms of combat. The combat system is what really wins me over with this game - you fight the sand beasts, and you don't jest block, stab, block, slash, block... well, you get the idea. In this game, you have a wide variety of dodges, feints, attacks, and an archer on your team to boot. How can you lose? ... Oh right. She can hit you, too. Fun!

The music is fantastic. Even the ending credits have a stirring tune that sucks you in. The battle music is appropriately thrilling without being overbearing.

The cinematics are well-executed and smooth, with little or no choppiness, and a sense of reality.

So, if you like puzzles, if you like hack-and-slash, if you like getting hints for what you should be doing next without running to your computer for IGN's next walkthrough, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is proving to be an opening to a very promising trilogy.

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The prince is no royalty.

posted by TatsuJin (SAN MARCOS, CA) Jul 28, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

All I gotta say about this action/adventure game Way back when this game came out, I saw a lot of commercials about this game and just made me want to rent it. A lot of action and numerous puzzles to come by before heading to the next area. The puzzles are not too hard and not too easy. The battles you come through is great and it's easy if you know how the Prince's fighting style. I love the music played throughout the game. The storyline is great, I really enjoyed it and I like how the Prince narrates his story. The sands of time is where it really shines. All kinds of powers you recieved playing through the game that contained in the dagger that the Prince will use in battle, requires the time of sands. The powers are used such as reverse time (my favorite), freeze your enemies, slow down time, and power of haste.

The graphics of the enviroments is amazing. Press the R2 button to zoom out and view the whole area. The enviroment is nice to look at, the nice ones gave like a relaxing feeling. I like battling the humans-turned-to-sand enemies. Jumping over them and slash their back twice is fun! Of Course there's some other ways to defeat your enemy. The puzzles are quite complicated but it's interesting to see how the puzzle work when you're in a cutscene puzzling your way through.

There's nothing much to say but the character's movement feel awkward when they're in a cutscene and they were't any much of 3D in-game movies. I didn't much of complain about this game cause I really did enjoy it. Oh yea,having low health and you need water is sometimes not good for your health when you need to find water for the Prince. You get my drift?

Final thoughts:
If you love it, buy it. If you want to live the moment, rent it. Prince of Phersia The Sands of Time is an excellent sword fighting gameplay action, simple minded yet fun puzzles, great aspect storyline, amazing texturized enviroment game.

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Great game

posted by coop8643 (GLENSHAW, PA) May 17, 2006

Member since Jul 2005

When I first heard all the hype about the third one coming out I figured I'll give this a shot and see what it's about. I was completely blown away. I had pretty low expectations for this game, but it amazed me. Everything in this game is fun, I really like the sands of time idea, and the cut scenes are beautiful. Travel through the puzzles of your fathers palace and reset what you did wrong.

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