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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time


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Also on:GC, GBA, Xbox
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Defense system puzzle

Upon going into the room with the defense system in it, follow these steps to finish the puzzle. Step on the glowing "full moon" panel to retrieve the first axle. Approach the levers on the middle of the platform, and turn it on these steps: right, up, left three times, and up two times. Step on the glowing New Moon to retrieve it. Next, turn the levers up, right two times, and up two times. Then, step on the half moon panel to gain the third axle. A "quarter moon" insignia marks the last axle. Turn the levers right and down. Step on the quarter moon to receive the last axle. To bring the entire platform up, move the levers up, left and up.

Tomb doors puzzle

Near the end of the game, you are in a tomb with infinite doors. You have to find the correct series of doors to progress. Go to the landscape view. Always start at the door with the face above it and go clockwise. The order is: 1. Fourth door from the entrance 2. Seventh door from the entrance 3. Third door from the entrance After you have successfully done this you will be taken to the second level of this room. It is almost the same, just with more doors. The order is: 1. Fourth door from the entrance 2. Ninth door from the entrance

Repeatedly drink

Hold R1 when drinking from a fountain or pond and you you will drink repeatedly.

Defeating the Vizeir

First you will fight three clones before you attack the real Vizeir. Each clone gets harder. After you kill all of his clones you will uppercut him with your sword out a window. Hit him two more times to complete the game.