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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands


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Prince of Persia

posted by victim36 (SPRINGFIELD, MO) Aug 3, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

30 out of 30 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

The newest installment of Prince of Persia is a fun and exciting game, if you want to have a fully interactive free running experience. This game does a great job at putting you in "control" of the prince. I feel like a lot of games that are claim to be a parkour game just have you hold down the A button and push the direction you want to go, the game does the rest for you. Here you actually have to plan out the course a little, be ready to react to sudden changes in environment, and then make sure you hit the proper button.

The combat system in this game is basic, a simple strike combo, a power move, and a knockback technique. That's pretty much it. As you advance through the game you get access to a few special moves like; a tornado that comes off of you strikes, or a trail of fire that follows you. These moves still don't add much depth to the combat system. But, this is a Prince of Persia game. These games have always centered around free running and traps, not combat.

The puzzles are simple, and make you think only a little bit. But, they're used to set up interesting situations to make getting across the map more interesting and unique.

The story in this game is simple and lacks the usual depth of a Persia game. That is the games biggest weakness in the game, there is no strong driving plot with unexpected turns in it.

The Good:
Full control of the Prince during free running
The traps are great, and more dangerous than some bosses
Amazing graphics
Simple puzzles that add to the challenge of moving the Prince around

The Bad:
Weak plot line
Simple combat system
Controls change on camera angle, which can lead to miss jumps until you learn where you need to push.

8 of 10 for me.

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posted by yumboyack (SAN JOSE, CA) May 21, 2010

Member since May 2010

27 out of 31 gamers (87%) found this review helpful

My thoughts on this game. well first i have to say i started off going into the game wanting to like it. i have played the prince of Persia games and loved them all excluding the last one that was released. i have to say they did a better job when it comes to graphics the graphics for this game are finally HD quality but compared to some other new releases its pretty much average. the artwork in this game is still phenomenal. the thing that bugs me the most about it is the way they changed the princes character. the thing i always liked was the way they portrayed the prince. he was a badass character with a little edge to him, but in this game they give him much more random lines during game play and they try to make him funny, but the thing i always liked was the quiet mysteriousness of the prince. the combat also seems to be slower in this game, the way he wields the sword is like he has a hundred pound weight on his arm which is a little annoying when there is 50 enemies on screen attacking you.
one of the most important things about prince of Persia is parkour aspects in which you use the princes agility to quickly jump, climb and run on walls, but they also seemed to have tweaked the controls for that in a bad way. the way they place the camera angles makes it tricky, and it seems like sometimes the direction of the princes movement depends on the angle of the camera and other times it depend and the actual way the prince is facing. its a little hard to explain but if you played it you know what i mean. the same thing goes for the puzzles also when you are trying to turn a lever a certain way sometimes it will go the completely opposite direction which is frustrating when your spending a lot of time in one area just trying to get past a simple obstacle. well like i said i wanted to love this game but it seems some changes they have made was for the worst. personally i think this game is below average. especially for being a PoP game =/ just my opinion

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Very Good

Familiar but different.

posted by Defiance74 (SAINT JOSEPH, MO) May 25, 2010

Member since May 2010

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

If you liked the original "Sands of Time" then you will probably also like this title. The storyline is original and has nothing to do with the "Sands" trilogy (or the previous entry in the series for that matter). Addictive platforming that gets pretty brutal in a couple spots later in the game. I finished it in about three days of non-stop playing on the normal difficulty.

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