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GF Rating

Above Average

I'd love to rate this higher, but ....

posted by LegendinMyMind (WILLIAMSTOWN, WV) Aug 15, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

Let's start with the drawbacks- the graphics are shaky and the "map" looks more or less identical the entire game (except the last last last part). I beat this game in less than a day, but that's why I got Gamefly- I beat a lot of games like that and got sick of wasting money on 5 hour games. The story line is about what you'd expect... sorta, not too many twists and turns after the first...second... yeah, after the second twist.

On the upper hand, the game is entertaining and aggravating. As P. Clinton said, "a good video game keeps you in a constant state of anxiety", and this game had me yelling at the screen more than a few times. The puzzle/platform aspect has some challenging parts that will definitely keep the blood pressure rising. What I really appreciated and hated about the game was how it taught me to incorporate my entire hand into playing. Probably 75% of the game you have to hold L2 while tapping or holding X or R2, my hand will be cramped for days, but it was challenging and fun to be challenged.

All in all I gave it a 6 but I really wanted to give it a 7, the graphics and difficulty are what bring it down.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by Billy1234744 (SAMSON, AL) Nov 4, 2013

Member since Feb 2012

Hello, When I entered this game in my Game-Q I thought I,d give it a try. I became impressed with it almost from the very start. This game was well designed, it rarely stays on one aspect long enough to get boring. It is not overly repetitive, Progresses with new angles of play as the game moves along etc.. There is more climbing in this, than Uncharted with Nathan Drake, I have not done this much climbing since I played Damnation, ( speaking of which I can not understand why Damnation got such pitiful ratings, to each his own I guess ). But all is not great with Prince of Persia either. I got to the end and gave up, because the designers went to far with climbing. Freezing the water falls, leeping from one to the other, having to do the phasing in and out matter or objects etc. etc.. By the last part of the game so many different buttons had to be worked in unison to get past something it had lessoned the fun of playing. But I would still give this game a thumbs up and I did enjoy playing it up to the end. As always thanks Game-Fly for being there to rent from and, See Ya! Billy in Samson.

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GF Rating


Stay away at costs!

posted by Mattand (CHERRY HILL, NJ) May 3, 2013

Member since May 2013

DO NOT BUY OR RENT THIS GAME! Particularly if you have fond memories of the PS2/first Xbox trilogy. This game is terrible.

The gameplay itself is horrible. All you literally do is jump about and fight the same 3 character types over and over and over. The character models would barely be acceptable for last generation.

The combat is atrocious; the Prince has like maybe four moves, tops. It's especially embarrassing when compared to the variety of moves he's had in past games.

It truly believe Ubisoft rushed this out to fulfill a contractual obligation. I spent $10 on this as a PSN download and regret every penny.

If you ever feel the desire to play The Forgotten Sands, you should either:

1) Rent or buy the HD version of the trilogy, or
2) Repeateldy beat your skull with your controller.

This game was a HUGE disappointment. Easily one of the worst games I've ever played. Stay away at costs!

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