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Prince Of Persia The Forgoten Sands

posted by Hero960 (GLASGOW, KY) Oct 2, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

1 out of 1 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

well let me start of by saying ubisoft u made an impressive game yet again the story is amazing. the only thing that was missing was the blocking? i can under stand the dodge but its not succesful 100% of the time. also why not incorperate the dagger of time? though ubisoft did a succesful job with Prince Of Persia T.F.S. some things could have mad it better thought all the flaws in my point of view i would give this a solid 8.

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Very enjoyable game for me

posted by Exchrystal (PITTSBURG, CA) May 24, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

10 out of 12 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

I'll be frank in saying that I have never played a price of persia game before the forgotten sands. However with that said I had a very enjoyable experience with this game.

The movement and puzzle structure of the levels were very immersive but not annoying when trying to complete.

The combat is very fluent and is pretty easy to use the 4 skills to your advantage in battle.

The bosses are a bit easy but with trophies saying defeat this boss without getting hit is bound to be a bit easy.

The story is very well told and the characters are fun to watch.

Overall i'd recommend renting this game for a good fun 5 hours.

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Really great game, but not long enough

posted by RevPete (WHEAT RIDGE, CO) Jul 12, 2010

Member since Dec 2007

7 out of 9 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

If you've played any of the recent PoP games, you may find that this one has a different feel, but for the better in my estimation. Gone is Elika, from the last game. (And unfortunately, this one lacks the playful, adult-themed flirting between the Prince and Elika). But this one seems a bit more serious.

You are given powers throughout the game, which allow you to do various things to your environment. Unlike the previous game, you don't have automatic rewind (thanks to Elika), so you must rewind time yourself, if you make a mistake.

And the controls are a bit more complex than previous incarnations of the game, once you have all of your powers in full force. The Final Climb, near the end of the game requires quite a bit of coordination to execute. But the final battle isn't too difficult, if you've filled your power meters throughout the game.

So I found the gameplay to be refreshing and fun. But I didn't think the game was long enough. The only other downsides for me were the occasional issue with time-rewind in the middle of a complex maneuver, where you couldn't time your next move properly after the rewind, and ended up burning all of your magical power-ups. And there was the occasional issue with not having the camera viewpoint that you really want.

But all in all, this is a very solid game. I purchased the game, and wrote this review, before the credits were done rolling!

Definitely a rent, and if you're like me, you'll buy it.

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