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Tedious and Repetitive

posted by MichaelO (PITTSBURGH, PA) Sep 9, 2010

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After giving this game a chance for several hours, I just couldn't bring myself to play it any more. Isn't the fun thing about this genre of game supposed to be navigating through the world trying to figure out how to make it to a high platform, how to solve the puzzle of how to get from point A to point B? Not the case here. Instead I found myself jumping from one platform to the next one over and over by pushing the same couple of buttons over and over until I reached the end of each area. No strategy. No challenge. No thought. Just push A, push A, turn, push A, push A... I found it less a game than a tedious serious of things I had to do to move on.

Add to this the fact that the controls are frustrating when they're not tedious. Since most everything you can do is done with the same button, you just have to press it and hope the game realizes what you're trying to do. If not, it may decide you wanted to jump into a pit instead of onto the next ledge. Rotating the camera is also quite annoying since it can't be easily rotated while you are doing other things. If an enemy gets behind you, good luck trying to rotate it without standing still for a few seconds with your guard down. The best way to battle is just to do the jump attack over and over again, which makes the battles almost as tedious as the rest of the game.

Although this game is good-looking and I could understand how some might find it entertaining, I do enough tedious things over and over again at work and would like something else in a video game.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Another PoP game

posted by HoneyPot (SAN JOSE, CA) Jul 30, 2010

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It was pretty fun, assuming you like this genre. I didn't really feel it brought a great deal interesting to the field, if you liked the others, you'll probably enjoy this one too.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by Stuck805 (SANTA BARBARA, CA) Jun 2, 2010

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I got stuck on the part where you need to get the same colors in the spirit world to gleam through a crystal to open up a portal. I had success with two colors but then the other two colors to align just seemed nearly imposssibe to align, I got so frustated that i just returned the game. Someone help if they know what to do. Other than that , i loved the game.

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