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Prince of Persia: Rival Swords

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Very Good

Good Game

posted by PeterK (LITTLE ROCK, AR) Apr 28, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

This game recieved an 8 from me for a few reasons. This game utalizes the Wii controls very well and makes silent assassination combos very enjoyable as well as weilding different weapons. The wall climbs, jumps, balancing, and other acrobatic stunts are simply amazing and will have you wishing that you were as athletic. (Don't try it...please...most of the stunts would kill you) But back to the point, this game is very fun and the graphics are really good but the gameplay gets old. Doing the same thing over and over gets boring, not that picking off two Persian Soldiers with amazing attacks isn't cool it just gets boring a little two fast. I only kept this game at my house for 3 days. It provided me with around 5 hours of play time. Good Game!

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Above Average

Good but gets boring

posted by JDShkolnik (BROOKLYN, NY) Apr 26, 2007

Member since Nov 2006

The game starts off well but the control scheme for motion is not great and for fighting it's terrible. Worse still, once you've played it for a while you lose all desire to keep going.

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Prince of Persia: the two games

posted by rullerr (TERRE HAUTE , IN) Apr 26, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

So how can you take an old game that did really well and just destroy it, put it on the Wii and tack on poorly planed controls. I loved the story and the acrobatics, but for any of the fighting, uh.... no. The main compliant of the fighting is probably the shaky controls. I understand that the Dark Prince is the powerhouse, usually killing guys in one hit, and the prince is all about stealth kills. My problem is that stealth kills by shaking the remote are incredibly more difficult than the same idea with buttons. The graphics were beautiful, the game play engaging and the story well written. I have no qualms with the majority of the game, as even if you are no good at the stealth killing you can still go out and fight smart. My problems arise primarily from the boss fights I had to fight 10 times to learn the exact timing of the kills because the game isn't exactly a speedy response to shaking the wii remote. Making a game hard isn't a problem if the challenge is figuring out a weakness and exploiting it, but making the controls intentionally annoying in order to add to the challenge? That's just plain stupid. Along with all the cleanup of the content, I just don't think this is a buy, or even a rent if you own one of the other systems the original Two Thrones came out on. If you can't play the original, then get this. The game is still amazing and plenty fun, just expect the game to just magnitudes in difficulty in some of the boss fights.

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