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Prince of Persia: Rival Swords

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simply fun

posted by kingdom8 (OAKLEY, CA) Apr 4, 2007

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I have enjoyed prince of persia since it first came out and now that it is out on the wii it is even better.
Design: The levels and story are the same as the two thrones so there is nothing new here.
Gameplay: The controls work fantastically and it makes the game more enjoyable.
If you liked Twilight Princess you will enjoy this game!

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Not a terrible port, but could have been better

posted by RichScarry (MISSOULA, MT) Apr 24, 2007

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With the Wii's weak line up, Wii owners are seeing more than their fair share of port overs from the PS2 and PSP. Prince of Persia had a pretty good control set up, but the graphics get in the way. This game has a solid story line, controls work well and are fun, but the graphics are basically the same from the playstation's version, Two Thrones.

I haven't played any of the PoP games, so this was my first experience. I thought that the story was pretty easy to get into and that always makes a game a little more enjoyable. The acrobatics in the game were pretty cool too. It also added a platformer feel to it with all the jumping from ledge to ledge. I didn't like the Wii's camera movement by using the twist, but you can turn this off making it not a problem. Swinging the controls around worked well, and it added that fun element that makes this game worth at least a try.

Ok, Wii isn't a graphic power house, but it's can do a lot better then this. Being a port over, I'm sure they only really spent time working with the Wii mote set up, and I think they did a good job. I'd compare this to an old Tomb Raider game for the Playstation. You can see what you need to, but that's about it.

It's a solid game, and it is pretty fun too. The biggest question is, is it worth to get it on the Wii, or just buy it for the Playstation. My answer, if you don't own a PS, it's worth checking out on the Wii, if you do, don't bother.

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Good for those who missed Two Thrones last gen

posted by Axlthehntr (SPRINGFIELD, MO) Aug 31, 2008

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POP Rival swords is a hard game to rate on the Wii really. I say this because it's not really a new game, it is also not really a remake as much as a direct port of Prince of Persion The Two Thrones which appeared on the GCube PS2 and Xbox about two years ago. The only thing that really changed is the addition of the Wii controls, which, if your a huge fan, may make it worth another adventure through Prince's world.

The game itself is a very good game, though the fact that nothing but the controls changed is a mojor drawback. The first thing you will notice is that the graphics compared to other Wii titles are awful, also, the sound effects are often overpowered by the music (however this can be fixed in the option menu). The other drawback is tied to exactly what makes the game fun in the long run, the controls. The learning curve for the new controls is huge and it doesn't help that the tutorial isn't clear on how to do everthing and you will find yourself doing things like starting a charge attack and leaving yourself open by accident in the begingin. After learning the controls though, it is a very thringling and fun experience, ther is much fun to be had with this game.

As for recomending this game, I'd say there are several categories who should try it and others avoid it.

Try it if:
-You really enjoyed The Two Throwns
-You Never played a Prince of Persia gam ever
-You missed Two Thrones the first time arond

Skip it if:
-You played Two thrones but wern't a huge huge fan
-Your looking for a unique use of the Wii remote
-Don't like difficult platforming games
-If your looking for a game for the kids, though it's only T on the Wii, it was originally an M rated game and maintains a relativly dark story you may not find fit for children under about 10 or so at the youngest.

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