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If Quake, Doom, and Portal had a 3-way

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Jan 18, 2011

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I didn't own a 360 when Prey came out in 2006, and even playing it now I'm not disappointed at all. It's a very good FPS, and I liked the Cherokee/Native American theme you don't see in any other game. Tomahawks in COD don't count. The multiplayer is non-existent today, but the campaign is like nothing you'll play on the 360.

You're a rebellious Cherokee in a bar fighting with your girlfriend when a huge alien ship hovers over and beams everyone up. You escape, and are now in this crazy mothership, which is actually a living thing. It's gross; reminds me of Quake 4 where the ship has blood and can barf on you. It's an excellent Sci-Fi shooter that won best shooter of the year way back. The graphics are pretty good, sound and music were very good, and the amazingly crafted gun selection is just awesome. Most of the guns are also breathing moving things...gross, but cool.

It sucks you into this ship right away, introducing you to all sorts of crazy gameplay mechanics such as: gravity shifts, portals, Native spirit powers, and more. You'll need to solve lots of puzzles along the way experiencing crazy shifts in gravity and so forth. Fighting enemies upside down, off walls, etc.

I think this is a title every FPS gamer should check out. For me it was something I've never heard. It's also easy 75% of the achievements, but the online ones you'll need a boosting buddy. Keep in mind it's from 06, but it's still on par with some of the newer shooters I've seen anyways.

Milt Drucker

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Very Good

A real letdown.

posted by SavingJunk (HUNTINGTOWN, MD) Jul 13, 2006

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This game is very fun. I enjoyed the single player a great deal. The multiplayer on the other hand was a extreme fall back. The game is obviously running an unmodified "Quake" engine. If it is modified I can't tell the difference. And it has the same horrible multiplayer as Quake to. The people move to fast, you run out of ammo before some ones dead. This game is definitely worth a rent just for the single player.

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Short and sweet

posted by Tuffcookie (WASHINGTON, DC) Jul 17, 2006

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I must say: Prey is one of the few games out there that are worth playing. The visuals are amazing!! Everything from the level backgrounds to the 'living' weaponry, give you that creepy feeling that last throughout the game. The story line keeps you on your toes and makes you yearn for more. Even though extremely fun and appealing to the eye, it is very short. I finished the game in about a weekend, which was disappointing to say the least. I'm not a hardcore gamer but I found it too easy. Hopefully the second part of this game will create more of a challenge. Overall fun game, cant wait for the sequel...but challenge me a bit!

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