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Predator: Concrete Jungle

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Also on:PS2
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Easy melee attack kills

Use the Wristblades, Glaive, or Maul. Lock on your prey. Approach next to the opponent and start walking around it while giving one blow, walk, give one blow, and walk.

How to beat Prototype Ulysses

Approach his back and press Jump when a symbol appears above the Ulysses head. The Predator will jump over the robot and kill it with a single blow. REMEMBER: This does not works with the gray Ulysses Prototypes with red lines.

Dead Men Walking Uncle Sam poster

In the Dead Men Walking level, you can see a poster of Uncle Sam on the sides of the Sanctuary.

No Predator sounds

Use the free camera and moves it down until you can see the Predator from below. If you make any movement (for example, use the War Cry, Voice Mimmicry, or the attack buttons), no sound can be heard. However, if you adjust the free-camera you will hear the sounds again.

Bonus missions

Every mission requiring a certain person to be killed will have a bonus mission symbol over their head.

Midsummer Night Massacre

Go towards the waterfront and locate an enemy with a bonus mission icon over his head.


Go towards the waterfront and locate an enemy with a bonus mission icon over his head.

Dead Man Walking

Locate and open two explosive crates.

Death In The Family

At the top of the mansion's stairs, move past the red curtains and take your new trophy.

Under The Gun

After completing the timed section of the mission, locate and destroy three pick-up trucks with weapons on their beds.

Skin Trade

Before taking out all the pimps, terminate eight prostitutes by any means.

Sink The Shipment

An entry gate near the shed with the Pulse Mines and Maul has several Les Serviteurs ogling some ex-porn star prostitutes. Terminate the Serviteur leader from a distance when you have to search for Pulse mines.

Raze The Depot

Near where the Predator starts, there are several enemies in an inaccessible room. One of them is the bonus target. Take him out when the chance arise.

Night To Remember

In the museum courtyard where Borgia's lieutenants are located, take out all the window snipers.

Extinction Event

Stay cloaked and head through the first gate to kill the corrupt police chief.


There is a weapons scientist in a depressed area of the lab. Killing him will fulfill this objective.


Use any of the Borgia security guards to open all the retinal scan doors (the scanner extends, and there is no intermission sequence). Kill the Juvenile-9 Leader

Ten Thousand Ways to Die

Locate and activate the three cloaked beacons. Tech view will make them easy to find.


Destroy all four upgraded battle armor suits in the room where the main lift is located.

Hot Time/Old Town

Stealth kill the Black Ops in the recreation without raising the alarm level.

If It Bleeds

Disable the cooling fans in order (from one to four).

Bug Hunt

Kill fifty aliens before returning to MOTHER's chamber.

In The Flesh

Destroy the computer in the upper levels. It may be a good idea to do this bonus mission before the assassins come to help.