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GF Rating


Nearly perfect

posted by anchorman11 (JACKSONVILLE, FL) Jun 1, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

Portal 2 is one of the most unique games (if not the most unique) you will ever play. You are in control of a device that shoots 2 portals, one for you to walk through, and another for you to come out of. Using this simple mechanic, Portal 2 creates elaborate puzzles for you to solve.
The voice acting is top notch and it seems that all the actors really enjoy playing their parts. Valve uses humor to break up the tense and sometime lengthy puzzles. This game is hilarious.
The ONLY gripe that I have with this game is that the replay value is very low. It's not that the game is super short (probably 8-10 hours for single player and 6-7 for co op), but once you beat it, there isn't a whole lot of reason to play through again. There aren't challenge maps like the first portal. It's just story mode and multiplayer. I wish I would have gotten this from GameFly instead of buying it for $60.
All in all, this is a great game that shouldn't be missed!!!!!

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GF Rating


Perfect Renter

posted by morelloman (HOBOKEN, NJ) Jun 1, 2011

Member since Apr 2010

This game is amazing. I wish I had someone to play Co-op with. Just challenging enough. If you don't play it you might as well throw away your console.

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GF Rating


Great game. For a puzzler 8.5 not 9 though

posted by schilznizz (BOISE, ID) May 28, 2011

Member since Jun 2008

Now i played the first game and it was a great original game that was never done before. And to take that and make it better is a great accomplishment. The story is absolutely hilarious whether on the normal campaign or the co-op campaign the material is just top notch. I love the things gladious says and the addition of the characters are just hilarious. The puzzles are great and definatly get you to think. however if you have played the first one the first i'd say 10 seem way to familiar. only at the point where they add the lasers and light bridges and so on does it finally start become challenging. What i found at some points annoying is the constant load screens on single or co-op. the load screens are the one thing that really kills it for me. and sometimes its just ridiculous. like you'll come into a room that only requires maybe 2 minutes of game play and your at another loading screen. then the next room only takes you 3 minutes. this wouldn't bother me that much if it didn't happen so much. the loads only take on average 10 sec. maybe more however the constant need to load the next area makes it so that at some times It feels like i'm loading more than playing even though i'm really not. so my actual score would be 8.5 but it didn't have that so i chose 9 and i really think that the loading is the only reason i deduct the .5.
as far as co-op games go this is a game were you constantly need to work together and can in no way make it through without the aid of the second person. this is a huge plus and an even better refreshment cause there are so many games that CLAIM to be a co-op game but in all technicality you could finish it on your own. but here you don't have that option. you have 2 portal guns which means 4 portals, in most (if not in all) situations you will have to use all 4 at one point or another in the challenge. but then once again those dern loading screens.

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