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I love your ruby encrusted horseshoes...

posted by Deathbloom (PASADENA, MD) Jul 15, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

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- Heaps of customization;
Your pony can be a wild dun or a fancy paint, or something completely different all together. You can make your own saddle pads, "quarter marks"... There's a lot to be said about this aspect of the game because, truly, it's probably the best feature.

- Surprisingly great DS graphics;
Between the cutscenes and a lot of the in game graphics, I was very impressed.


- No description;
They don't tell you how to do anything - ever. Your pony's unhappy! ...What? Why?! How can I make it happy? Figure it out yourself!

- Pony Hawk: Pro Skater 4
I always go into a horse simulation hoping it will be true to the horse world that I'm so deeply involved in. They never are. They try to scrape around here and there, collect enough to make it look alright, but most don't seem to want to learn enough to make a truer to reality-type game. Most games aren't a horse sim, but a game that stars and horses and probably a little blonde girl. I'm not looking for an exact to life game, but at the very least, don't do things in a game that would harm a horse in real life.

- Plot? Where?;
You own and customize your pony. That's about it... Oh! And you take pictures of random animals on trails. Every once and a while a "quest" or sorts will pop up on a trail and you'll have to find someone's pink horseshoes or take a picture of a wasp, trout and mongoose. Yay! And that's not all! You can enter a race where you have to make noise into the mic to make your pony move at a specific speed - which you get nothing for and there are only five of those races. Yay! And you can also get shells and coins that are stuck in your pony's feet!

There's no story, no goal. The point of the game is taking pictures and customizing your pony - nothing more, nothing less. And it gets old fast. I'll play just about any horse game, and enjoy them despite their flaws. But pretty pictures and a purple polka-dotted pony can't make up for a complete lack of game play.

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GF Rating


Pony Friends

posted by cason8 (CULLISON, KS) Jun 10, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

This game is great for kids who can't have a horse. and love horses. my 8 year old daughter loves this game.

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