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For horse and nature lovers

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Mar 18, 2010

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Pony Friends 2 is targeted to one group of players; people who love ponies, ride in races, and go on trails taking photographs of other animals.
Is that what you are looking for in a game? Then you are in luck.
The game starts off with you getting a pony, and a set of three trails to explore. You can do it for fun, or you can do it to fulfill a quest.
Quests include taking photos of a certain animal or finding an item (point Wiimote at a glowing box or animal and press A button) on a certain trail. By fulfilling the quests, you get money. (You also get money by exercising the horses, taking care of them, and feeding/petting wild horses you find on a trail)
Also, with every time you finish a trail, you get riding points. Accumulate enough points and you can unlock a second set of three trails - and repeat the process until you get all five set of trails unlocked. (15 trails total)
With each set of trails, you get a race to participate in.
With the money you get, you can buy supplies, watermarks, another pony and/or different styles of stables. Some accessories are unlocked by winning a race, taking very good care of your ponies, buying certain things and finishing several quests.
But this game can try some players’ patience. You don’t just ride down these trails a few times, you have to do it several dozen times. Each trail has a few different paths through it, but it can get monotonous.
And you’ll have to do the same tasks to take care of your horses dozens of times over (clean hooves, brush mane and coat, wash and condition body, feed them food and pet them in the right areas)
The multiplayer mode isn’t that impressive; you and a friend (and only one friend) ride down five (not fifteen) trails, or you can race through the five tracks unlocked in single player mode. It would’ve been better to have two players play together in the normal mode.
Those of us in love with ponies and nature should get Pony Friends 2. Others should stay away. SKIP IT

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