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GF Rating

28 ratings

Movie Details

Intense Battle Sequences, Disaster-Related Action, Brief Sexual Content

Movie Description

Based on one of the most famous disasters of all time, this epic action-adventure flick tells the story of the unlucky ancient Greek town destroyed by a volcano in A.D. 79. Against the backdrop of an erupting Mt. Vesuvius, Milo - a slave-turned-gladiator - must escape the arena and rescue his love, Cassia. But even the most heroic Greek warrior would be no match for the destructive force of an erupting volcano, so it's more about escape than battle. In this race against time and lava, the hero confronts deadly obstacles and attempts to keep his love from burning up, turning into ash, and otherwise dying when the magma hits her hometown.

User Reviews

Average Member Rating: 6.9 out of 10

Above average!. (8 out of 10)

posted by Billy1234744 (SAMSON, AL) on Jul 6, 2014
Member since Feb 2012
This movie picks up momentum big time, at the arena fight in Pompeii. The special effects are superb, From the ground giving way in earthquakes to the tidal wave, right down to the soot falling from the sky constantly around them near the end. The acting was o.k. by everyone involved, but by far and...more

Specs & Requirements

Length 105

Director Paul W.S. Anderson

Special Features -Filmmaker's Commentary -The Assembly -The Volcanic Eruption

Theatrical Release Date 2014

Languages English

Screen Format 2.40:1

Subtitles English, Spanish, English SDH