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its pokemon need i say more...

posted by william28511 (ATTICA, IN) Apr 4, 2014

Member since Jun 2012

All the pokemon games are great and this ones no exception. Plus I am a HUGE DARK TYPE user I just love them and this pokemon game has alot of them plus one I never seen before. The towns and areas to explore are also huge. overall I give it a 10 out of a 10. A absolute must buy for any pokemon lover such as my self :]

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Pokemon has advanced!

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Dec 19, 2013

Member since May 2010

Pokémon has come a long way and they have even tried to give us a little character customization to boot. Okay, so it isn't the grand customizations we were hoping for, but they can give us more options in a future installment... Music track is slick and smooth, which means it fits perfectly.. Animation is deep and colorful and it hits the cartoon theme of the pokemon world...
You can catch starters now which is an improvement also.. A new type known as fairy type has been added..
They really should change the series motto to "Just try to catch them all we dare you!! POKEMON!!"
There are a lot of pokemon and I don't know if you CAN catch them all truth be told..
What would be cool if they let bus make our own pokemon.. Here are a list of possible IMPROVEMENTs they could do in the FUTURE....
1. pokemon merging would be a nice improvement..
imagine trying to merge a Pikachu with a Charmander, or a haunter with a Snivy.. Or maybe even merging a Charizard, Gyrados, and a Dragonite! that would be a full fledged dragon! Or maybe give players there own breeding facility with expanded options...
2. increased character custom options would be cool..
It would be nice if I made my guy character with a beard!
Even better if our characters didn't have to be ten, or if our characters aged over time, they would not have to die of old age, but some aging would be nioce..
3. POKEMON ADOPTION CENTER could be used so players could sell unwanted pokemon they catch for cash and players could also buy pokemon; if they are having a hard time finding the one they are looking for..

I was always curious about the idea of a Pikachu that could fling fire balls.. Maybe parasite eve for the psone stuck in my head?? I just thought the concept of a fire breathing rat would be hilarious.. This is a good game to be sure at any rate! Try before you buy!

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To easy to bet the game

posted by shyann555 (BOBTOWN, PA) Dec 19, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

Game was good but to easy to bet the whole game... But love the background stuff they did with this game..

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