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posted by vip2004 (JERSEY CITY, NJ) Jun 9, 2014

Member since Apr 2013

This game has my 9 year old son challenged. He loves the game

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Great game, as always.

posted by R3C0NXD45 (CASTLE ROCK, CO) Jun 2, 2014

Member since Oct 2012

The game is great. Very addictive, very successful formula, plenty of play and replay value. I say that so briefly because most of you know that based on the fact that it's pokemon.

That said I'm not crazy about some of the new over the top pokemon that just seem to deviate too far from "the originals" in my opinion. I'm also not crazy about the France setting.

You probably already know it's totally worth it to play this game.

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I Want It To Be The Best Like No Pokemon Ever Was.

posted by zetabeam (DECATUR, GA) Apr 28, 2014

Member since Jun 2011

Here's my review of Pokemon Y

Plot 10/10
I can't find a real fault in the plot.
The plot is relatively dark at some points but that makes it all the better as it draws you in. You really want to stop Lysandre from destroying everything.

Graphics 9.5/10
Stunning. Simply beautiful. The graphics in this game really bring the Kalos region to life. From the breathtaking Anistar city to the cathedral-esque Pokemon League. Even the character sprites are vibrant and full of life, and do a good job of personalizing each character. My only dislike is that the 3D function could not be used in towns or while traveling. While i'm sure there is a technological reason for this i still would have liked to see everything pop out of the screen.

Characters 9/10
I want to see them more in depth
I've played many a video game and i've really never seen too many characters that stand out from the cookie cutter adventure buddies that come up and challenge you, then run away you win. Pokemon Y has some of the best supporting cast i could hope for. Each character is just fleshed out and different enough to feel like we're really friends.

The Antagonist (Lysandre) 10/10
Seriously, out of everyone in the game, Lysandre has to be my absolute, hands down favorite. Sure he wants to destroy the world, and kill almost everyone, but he is not without just cause. One quote of his lingers in my mind
"The strength to protect, huh? But what are you really protecting? A tomorrow that will only end up being worse than today?"

The Antagonist's Team (AKA Team Flare) 0/10
Far from adequate opponents in any situation. Team Flare all but ruined this game for me, I know i shouldn't take them so seriously but, in my opinion they don't fit in this game. Team Flare was far too incompetent. From their design to those depressingly obvious hints they give you, its just bad.

Misc. 7.9/10
Pokemon Y had other little hiccups too but if you can overlook Team Flare, these aren't game breaking

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