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Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

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Very Good

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness; a great game!

posted by latiasfan (OKLAHOMA CITY, OK) Jul 10, 2006

Member since Aug 2005

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This game is very enjoyable. Although the plot line is similar to POKEMON COLUSSEUM, I still find it to be a great game. Like many other Pokémon games, it has you attached to play it, one objective at a time, until you just can't stand to play it anymore! =) You start with an Eevee, then early in the game you have the choice to receive what is necessary to evolve it into whichever of the 5 evolved forms you want. The Pokémon you obtain can be grouped to make a wide variety of Pokémon, so you can group them however you want. I would suggest this game for any Pokémon lovers, because it sure keeps me playing for a few hours at a time!

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Above Average

It's not as good as the GBA titles

posted by TheApester (MCGREGOR, TX) Jun 18, 2007

Member since Nov 2003

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PKMN XD:Gale of Darkness is a VERY light-hearted title,despite its slightly-disturbing box art.You play as an o-so-cute boy named Michael (that's what I named him) who has to stop a resurrected team named CIPHER.The plot is quite interesting when you first get your hands on it,but once you beat it you're like, "Now whatta I do?" I won't tell you any of the game's other plot lines,so don't snoop this review just for stupid spoilers!
But I will note that it is a bit more intense than PKMN CM,and the ending always nearly busts me into tears.
The gameplay is the same as it had always been ever since 1998, but it's a transmission in 3D this time.However,they give us a top-view instead of a REAL RPG camera view.And the gameplay is no different.Just basic turn-based action like Final Fantasy.There are,however,some goodies to fool with,such as trading or battling with a player
from Ruby,Sapphire, or Emerald versions on the GBA.And then there's always battle disks,bingo,or
classic brawling at that Tower thingie in Colliseum.
The graphics have been probably reused from the
first 3D installment, so there's nothing new in the graphics department.However,the music isn't.
Some music is reused, such as the overworld themes and a few battle themes,but the casual songs that play in the backround are a bit more memorable than the other game's.And,one of the most crazy annoyances is that it uses the robotic
sounds for the Pokemon rather than their anime cries.
Overall,the game wasn't really a groundbreaker,
yet it wasn't a failure blanket either.I got to
"purify" more PKMN, including that Shadow Lugia.
But I won't reveal my secret!


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pokemon xd:gale of darkness

posted by sharks (KISSIMMEE, FL) May 25, 2006

Member since May 2006

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like any other pokemon game u have a starter pokemon and evolve it but it has a fair share of surprises and of course a bit of humour,pretty hard if you dont know your selected pokemon well,the graphics run smoothley and has a story to remember and to add a gameboy link(sold seperatley) higly recomended to pokemon lovers =)

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