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pokemon x glitchy broken edition

posted by auron420 (CINCINNATI, OH) Apr 1, 2014

Member since Nov 2011

this game is cheap and there's a horrible game breaking glitch that if you save in the first city you won't be able to contine your journey horde fight is ridiculously cheap and wonder trade is so pointless i got nothing else to say but get your act together.

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Game is way to easy and fast

posted by Masterjedi170 (ANAHEIM, CA) Mar 22, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

I expected this game to be fun and entertaining like the last game. I do like the new game and styles, but its just to easy. I beat the whole game using the same pokemons without ever getting defeated. Pokemon black/white was harder then this game.

Also i dislike of trading pokemon from previous versions. You have to pay to trade older generation games. You get a free trial but once its up you loose those pokemon from the bank.

All i have to say is it could be better, and it feels this game was rushed.

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It is good! But...

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Jan 24, 2014

Member since May 2010

This is a game that has a formula that is old, but reliable.
But it still seems some what of a jip that we have to buy two versions of the same game to get them all.. I don't see why they don't just show us two completely different worlds? Would that really be so hard game freak? ?
This is what I liked about this game:
1. deeper world with more immersion than a normal pokemon world.
2. New EV super training system to more reliably train our pokemon!
3. We get some options to pick and choose what we look like! These could be expanded!

This is what I think this game could get to improve to bring out the true potential of the Pokemon franchise..

1. this game can be improved by giving gamers the ability to merge or gene splice our pokemon!
2. a pokemon adoption clinic or a pokemon pet shop to sell used pokemon for in game cash!
3. A more extensive character builder to let us the gamers be our own selves!

4. I propose some new types of pokemon!
Poltergeist type(possessed objects seriously we already have garbador, trubish, volt orb, and bennet)- strong verses normal, and psychic type, immune to poison, and resistant to ghost moves.
Fallen type- Strong versus all types except holy too which it is weak versus.. an entirely new type that is either undead or cursed. This type is taken from other pre-existing lines of pokemon, and since they are cursed they are a special breed that can't be caught by normal means...
Holy type- pokemon that learn moves that are good against ghost, dark, psychic, poltergeist, and fallen type.
but they would be weak versus normal, fire and steel..

I just thought it could help give some new ideas because this generation didn't even bother with adding another 150 new like they did in other generations, which means they might very well be running out of ideas!!! They only added like about 90 or so new pokemon... Seriously, they might have to switch up their game or they could lose their edge..
Try b

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