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this game is awesome

posted by hi3 (VANCOUVER, WA) Aug 10, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

i cant stop playing this game i beat 6 gyms in 2 days 5 the first day 1 on the second day

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Very Good

Unova, Same thing, or a brand new start?

posted by Cornersting (MONCKS CORNER, SC) Jul 27, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

Oh pokemon, evolving game after game. Pokemon had gone into a stand still between Platinum and the Heartgold/Soulsilver games, as almost nothing had changed majorly to even bother mentioning them. This time around, you have many new pokemon, so we are now past 500. Pokemon no longer do there little intro, and then freeze like in previous games, as they constantly move in some way. There is now a device on the bottom screen outside of battles known as C-gear which allows Infared battles, trades, and other different features to occur. Let's mention the Pros. and Cons.

Major Pros.
New pokemon to train and capture
C-gear and pokedex skins available via wifi download
C-gear features
Contstant movement with pokemon
New moves and abilities, along with modified ones with new added affects
New, more challenging major opponents/rivals.
More 3-D effects, whether it's just the surroundings, or in battle
New Random matchup and Global trade features (friendcodes no longer required for everything) via wifi
A new group that actually accomplishes, or tries to, an evil goal

Major Cons.
Poketransfer - since older games can't have the new pokemon in them, a feature similar to GBA to DS is usable, but like before, pokemon can't go back to the older generation.
4 pokemon that have to evolve by trade
6 pokemon only available through events or trade (besides version exclusives)
Some new pokemon aren't as appealing (looks strange/ugly) to others
And possibly a few small others I forgot to mention

All in all, previous pokemon players will enjoy like the last games.

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A must BUY

posted by mayday992 (EAGLE, ID) Jul 13, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

Like most normal people in my age group,I have fond memory's of pokemon. stories of going to the movies,collecting cards,system linking with friends.i could go on all day.But as i grew up i became to "mature" to play pokemon.
When i first got the game i feel in love instantly. years later im as addicted now as i was then. And in my humble opinion this is the best pokemon game ever made.
-hours of game play,By the time i put this game down i was at about 80 hours of game play.and i still have a lot more i can do.
-amazing graphics. the 3d is incredible. the Nimbasa gym is possibly the greatest graphics that the ds will ever have.
-very interesting story
-battling friends has never been so easy or fun.
-the new pokemon are kind of dumb if you don't believe me look up vanillite
-it may dampen your social life.

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