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Pokemon White 2

posted by drtrananthony (BICKNELL, IN) May 29, 2013

Member since May 2013

I didn't really expect this game to be good, because I'm and old style pokemon gamer, but it was actually pretty much perfect to me. All you critics out there, listen to me, it's a really good game. Great story line and really great graphics. Try it.

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Very Good

Very good for fans

posted by sesshomaruswagg (ROSSVILLE, GA) Mar 31, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

This sames as it should be dlc for the first game, but i liked how they brought back pokemon from sinnoh and etc. If gonna get this game play pokemon black and white first.

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PKMN: Black/White 2: Buy this game

posted by GameMonkey27 (SAINT LOUIS, MO) Mar 17, 2013

Member since Aug 2012

Ive always been a fan of the pokemon franchise, but in pokemon black/white, i started to notice the series becoming stale. really stale. i was quite disappointed in those games. but black 2/ white 2 hs eliminated all those thoughts entirely.

Gameplay: Remains largely unchanged. You still have to embark on a perilous quest as a 10-year old, trying to become the champion and catch 'em all. but the gameplay is improved with help from great add-ins in the postgame and sidequests,such as the pokemon world tournament, pokestar studios, even more legendaries to catch, the largest regional dex ever, an awesome swan song to team plasma, and an epic final battle against Benga. 9.5

Story: It starts out the sam as ever- young boy recieves first pokemon, goes on a quest with said pokemon. But opposed to just telling an ultimate version of black/white's tale, it is actually set 2 years after said games. The recurring characters have (ahem) evolved and team plasma is more devious than ever, attempting to freeze Unova using the powers of the legendary ice-type kyurem. There is also an intriguing side story about your rival's sister's purrloin being stolen by the organization. While not as character-driven as black/white's, it still tells a great story worth listening to. 9

Graphics: Game freak really pushed the limits of the ds, and it results with the best graphics on the limited handheld, hands-down. 9

Sound: with the remixed tracks of its predecessors, going all the way back to red/blue, this is my favorite soundtrack of any pokemon game ever. 10

Overall, this is a must play if you are a fan of the pokemon franchise, and is not just a rehash of the older games. It does its job incredibly well as the series first numbered sequel, and is hands-down the best entry in the series overall. Hands down. this game gets a 9.5/10

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