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Not a very deep game

posted by heimburg (ORLANDO, FL) May 31, 2006

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I love a good puzzle game, and I like Pokemon, so this sounded great. However, it didn't stay in my DS for very long. The game just doesn't have the polish level you'd expect from a Pokemon game. The sound, graphics, and interface are all fine, but they don't ever shine.

The game mechanics are very simple. You have a big grid of Pokemon, and you match them up. For some reason, this act is called a "trozei." (I have to assume a bigger Pokemon fan knows why they're called that.) As you beat wave after wave of the little guys, you occasionally see rare ones. If you trozei these rare pokemon, you "catch" them. Gotta catch 'em all... except they have no value or interest. In a real pokemon game, catching a new Pokemon is interesting because it has unique behaviors and stats. In this game, you're just earning badges.

Maybe what this game needs is a "hard" mode -- it's especially difficult to lose at this game. It can be difficult to catch the rare pokemon, however, but catching them just didn't interest me.

I sent this game back very soon after I got it, and was fairly disappointed.

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Mentally challenged monkeys could win at this.

posted by Marioman (LAS VEGAS, NV) May 19, 2006

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Poke'mon trozei is a pathetic attempt at a puzzle game. Lets break it into detail.
The story is weak. People kidnapped poke'mon, so you rescue them with a trozei beamer. Yes, there is no further storyt than this. it is just a weak excuse to make a touch based puzzle game.
Gameplay is so easy, my 3 year old sister could beat it by scribbling on the touch screen. You line up four in a row, the a "trozei" hapens, making you able to rescue 3 poke'mon in a row, then just pairs of pokemon. Nothing happens in the story other than the reoccuring bosses that never change.
I would say buy this game if you are a hard core poke'mon fan (I only rented it because my sister wanted to try it.) however, the lack of gameplay modes (versus and story), the simple gameplay, and totally stupid story drives off even the biggest fanboy.
Verdict :PASS

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posted by zman2231 (KATY, TX) Jul 18, 2006

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This game is just bad. There is really no variety ton this except that it is a bad puzzle game. When you get a trozei other trozei's will follow making it easy. There is a story mode where you play as a agent trying to look for pokemon who were stolen by a gang. This game is just bad only a pokemon fan would like this.

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