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posted by Socksmell (PHOENIX, AZ) Jul 13, 2007

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Really crazy

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It's... kind of ok!

posted by LemmyKoopa (MADISON, WI) Feb 5, 2011

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First play Tetris Attack. If you like that, then you could give this a try. The style of gameplay is similar although this isn't as good.

If you play this, you'll need to be patient. At first clearing levels is embarrassingly easy; yet actually scoring any decent points is too difficult. This makes for a mindless game where you could hardly lose or truly win. But as you play on through adventure mode, the difficulty of clearing stages will finally start to make things interesting, while your own skills will improve such that you could actually score decently. And so for a few hours, this can end up being quite fun!

I wouldn't bother with the Endless Mode, because you'll have to play for, like, an hour before it gets anywhere close to where you might fail, unless you just get too tired first. The battle mode is probably a lot of fun if you have someone to play with. You could spend countless hours on this game adding all the Pokemon to your list, but the mechanism for doing this isn't particularly interesting and I'd only recommend that to hardcore Pokemon fans. Otherwise, the overall gameplay does not require that you be a fan of or even familiar with the Pokemon series.

It is impressive that each Pokemon has its own animated tile. Sometimes when playing fast it can be hard to tell them apart. It's hard to blame the game for this when there are so many different pieces, but what would have been nice would be if each level had just one Pokemon of each color so you don't have, say, two different kinds of purple tiles in play. The music is decent except unfortunately I found the boss theme to be annoying.

Overall, this isn't exactly a great game, but if you take it for what it is there is some fun to be had. I'd recommend it as a rental to puzzle fans looking to wash away a few hours.

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Not Too Cutie For Older Gamers

posted by Zohluff (SONOMA, CA) Jul 14, 2006

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My feelings are mixed on Pokémon Trozei.

The objective is simple, line up four of the same kind of Pokémon, either vertically or horizontally, and try to set off a chain reaction. This simple objective along with completely touch-screen based game play makes for one addicting game.

What I also liked about this game was how, although this game was a Pokémon title, all cutie, childish Pokémon antics were absent and Trozei was tolerable for older gamers.

Unfortunately, once the gamer gets his fix of Trozei, the addiction subsides and the game play becomes stale and repetitive. Experienced gamers might be disappointed on how the fast paced action gives little time for thoughtful interaction and the games ends up feeling like a frantic game of half-thought out flicks and pulls.

Definitely worth a rent, but might get a bit too repetitive for purchase.

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