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GF Rating


Back and Better Than Ever.

posted by YOSHIEGG42 (BELLMORE, NY) Apr 28, 2013

Member since Nov 2009

My first Pokémon game was Gold. Now when I heard that there was a remake in the works, I instantly got excited. This game brings back all of the nostalgia you could ever want from a game ---- ten fold.
Gameplay - 90%: This game brings back the old formula that everybody loves. Nothing too too special, but it's still as good as ever. Fun battles, Rivals, Gym Leaders, and the final battle - Ooooh, that final battle. So good... My one complaint is that the in-battle animations are a bit sluggish. I would turn them off, but they do look cool, so... different strokes for different folks, I guess.
Looks - 95%: Now this game looks fantastic - The in-battle sprites are VERY polished and refined, and even the overworlds look bright and vibrant. Thnk back to Red & Blue: Brock's Gym, what did it look like? Think that, but 1000 times better. In short, this game really delivers in the graphics category.
Story - 85%: Don't get me wrong, this game's story is pretty good: you're a kid who goes on an adventure to collect all 16 badges and become Pokémon Champion, while beating up Team Rocket in the process, but it's really just the same story as Red & Blue/FireRed & LeafGreen. For that: only an 85.
Lastly, Sound - 100%: This game's soundtrack is my second favorite Pokémon soundtrack to date (second to Black2/White2), and this game has some awesome music!! The Gym Battle theme, the Champion Theme, even the overworld themes! All beautiful renditions of the Gen II musical pieces. Speaking of those, you can even obtain an item called the GB Sounds to listen to the second generation's music tracks in the Gen IV game! So cool!
Final Verdict - 95%: This game is a fantastic remake of my first Pokémon game, and the fun battles, expansive content, and AMAZING looks and music makes it my favorite Pokémon game as of April 28th, 2013. :D

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GF Rating


Could be the best Pokemon handheld game!

posted by mynameisnathan (CLEARWATER, FL) Mar 6, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

Being a longtime pokemon fan i was so happy to hear about a remake of silver version. This game has everything silver version has and more! It fixed every problem in the original such as slowly walking everywhere etc. I think this one is my favorite! Graphics have improved alot through handheld pokemon games in the past and love that tiny touch of 3D. Amazing game! 10 out of 10!

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GF Rating

Very Good

A Good Game But...

posted by ilawson94 (EAST BETHANY, NY) Feb 24, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

In my younger years I was a Pokemon fanatic, I had to have every single game and watch every single episode I could find. This has somewhat persisted to now as I still watch the TV series and monitor news of events. Yet throughout all my history with the franchise, I had never played a game that took place in Johto, and after playing it I can say that I am only lightly impressed.

Don't let that fool you, I still enjoyed this game but because I had unfortunately played the games to come after these before Soulsilver, the technical step backward I took clouded my viewpoint. I got too used to the Pokemon moving (however slightly) in Black and White so seeing them still again took a bit of fun out of it.

Nevertheless the classic Pokemon game formula still shines here and doesn't disappoint. The Pokemon roster is rather stagnant (by that I mean less variation in type availability than in other games) but the nostalgia of backtracking to one of my favorite regions made up for it.

Here is the issue I have with this game overall though. While I can respect it being innovative with attempting to include the Kanto region as well as Johto, the Kanto region is just boring. Outside of fighting the other eight gym leaders, there is just nothing going on there. No second storyline, only one further encounter with Team Rocket, and besides cameos of people from other games, the people just aren't fun either. The only thing that kept me there outside of the gyms was fighting a very strong trainer in one of the final areas...

Don't take my grim sounding demeanor to say that this game is bad (I wouldn't have given it an 8 otherwise). It still is Pokemon and it did still have me playing until I accomplished everything I could, but it just didn't bring anything new besides the poorly fleshed out second region.

Overall, I wouldn't tell you not to play this, but with new and better titles out there now, I doubt you'd miss anything by skipping this one.

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