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Very Good

Jhoto? Again? Sure

posted by Yoshi2000 (CARLTON, OR) Mar 28, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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The story is fairly similar to what you may have seen in gold or silver, just with a few tweaks. You will be having a pokemon follow you throughout the game, much like pokemon yellow. You can't turn this off, though. But this goes for every pokemon in the game, which is all of them to this point. You want Dialga? Sure. However, some pokemon won't appear in some areas(you can't really have a 17-foot Lugia in your upstairs bedroom, can you?).

The Safari zone returns, which connects to Cianwood, with its own new route. You can now change the areas of the Safari zone, and customize it to make new pokemon appear.

The underground, which was introduced in D/P, will not make a comeback, as well as contests, which includes poffin making. However, it is replaced with a new pokeathlon, featuring 10 new minigames. Each pokemon has their own strengths and weaknesses in the minigames(sound familiar?). For example, a Pidgey would have a better stat in jumping than in power. You can also play god a little and change stats using aprijuice, made from apricorns.

Apricorns are items found in trees in Jhoto. They can be ground up into juice, or made into exclusive pokeballs. All the trees now contain apricorns.

"But wait! if all trees contain apricorns now, where do I get berries? Are they just not in this game?" Not at all. Now, you carry portable berry pots, where you plant berries and water them. However, you might just end up forgeting about them.

You can go to Kanto once more, but it' the same as it was before.

The battle frontier is also here, but its the same as platinum, so don't get your hopes up.

in all, Soul Silver is a good instalment to the series, but not very many new surprises.

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Perfect Game

posted by cromostone (UNIONTOWN, OH) Mar 28, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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Pokemon Soulsilver is the best game for the ds. BUY IT.

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I love Johto!!

posted by Amiona (NEW GLOUCESTER, ME) Mar 24, 2010

Member since Oct 2008

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When I heard they were making a remake of Silver and Gold, I fliped! I have always loved the Johto series the most, but my orginal stopped working correctly. So I quickly reserved it at Gamestop.

Anyway, the game is a lot like the orginal but deftianley better graphics and sound. I espically noticed the differences in the water. It looks more natural plus the sound of the water fades in and out as you approuch it. The story is still pretty much the same but a few minor changes here and there. Like the Komono girl...I don't recall her in the orginal. But it's been years since I played it.

Oh, the mini-games are pretty cool and fun. I espcially like the chopping blocks one. The Pokewalker is awesome! I'm a person that likes to take 40 minute walks a day, so it's nice that I can take a Pokemon along with me!

So if you are a true hardcore Pokemanic, buy this game!

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