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Very Good

Jhoto? Again? Sure

posted by Yoshi2000 (CARLTON, OR) Mar 28, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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The story is fairly similar to what you may have seen in gold or silver, just with a few tweaks. You will be having a pokemon follow you throughout the game, much like pokemon yellow. You can't turn this off, though. But this goes for every pokemon in the game, which is all of them to this point. You want Dialga? Sure. However, some pokemon won't appear in some areas(you can't really have a 17-foot Lugia in your upstairs bedroom, can you?).

The Safari zone returns, which connects to Cianwood, with its own new route. You can now change the areas of the Safari zone, and customize it to make new pokemon appear.

The underground, which was introduced in D/P, will not make a comeback, as well as contests, which includes poffin making. However, it is replaced with a new pokeathlon, featuring 10 new minigames. Each pokemon has their own strengths and weaknesses in the minigames(sound familiar?). For example, a Pidgey would have a better stat in jumping than in power. You can also play god a little and change stats using aprijuice, made from apricorns.

Apricorns are items found in trees in Jhoto. They can be ground up into juice, or made into exclusive pokeballs. All the trees now contain apricorns.

"But wait! if all trees contain apricorns now, where do I get berries? Are they just not in this game?" Not at all. Now, you carry portable berry pots, where you plant berries and water them. However, you might just end up forgeting about them.

You can go to Kanto once more, but it' the same as it was before.

The battle frontier is also here, but its the same as platinum, so don't get your hopes up.

in all, Soul Silver is a good instalment to the series, but not very many new surprises.

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GF Rating


Oh My Pokemon!

posted by DeathRose (CLARKSVILLE, TN) Mar 22, 2010

Member since Jul 2005

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Let go ahead and face it, Pokemon has been one of the few big name franchises that just keeps all of us waiting for their next release, much like Final Fantasy. It always has something new in every game, whether it be simple, small, big, or just interesting. This game is no different.

Though belonging to the Gen IV, they have mopped the floor with Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Everything has a nice rendition to it. Grass is no longer '2D' and is now 3D, almost looking like small shrubs. The graphics are smooth, the soundtracks of the original Jhoto reign has be reformed with some new things, also very nice. They have even brought back what we, or at least I, have always liked: The Pokemon following you like Pikachu in Yellow Version! Any pokemon you have in the first slot of your party, no matter if its an Onyx or a Pichu, will follow behind you. You can talk to it and it will yawn or do something, and it can even pick things up like the small Pokemon could in Heartome City in D and P.

The Storylines incorperating Ho-Oh and Lugia are just lovely, and I think the only thing bad about this new game is that you cannot capture Suicune[SP?], you have to trade it. Other than that, this game is worth the buy and the cherish. The pokemon walker is a lovely addition as well. You can capture pokemon in it as you walk and get items as well. The game is amazing and well worth as many hours as you can pour into it. And not to be as long winded as I already am, but...WOW, Its just pretty.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by cooke28 (GRETNA, NE) Aug 27, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

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Pretty good game. I played the original Silver and this one tops it by far, I think seeing the Gyms remodeled is worth the play itself. And the 3-D redo of everything is just awesome.
There was some bad stuff tho. Low levels. LOTS of low levels. Your still encountering lv. 9's at the third gym. It's pretty hard to train in this game but luckily (or sadly depending on how you look at it) you don't need to because most of the Gym Leaders suck!
Anyways I really did love this game right up until I had beat the elites and the Gym Leaders (all 16) and all that was left was to fight Red (Ash) and all my Pokemon were 20 levels under his weakest because that's all it took to get through everything else.

All in all I liked it.
Although you deffianatley need some free time if you wanna get far on this game.

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