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Very Good

my raiting of pokemon rangers

posted by zapdos366 (DUBLIN, OH) Dec 28, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

when i got this game for christmas i was thrilled to see a game i wanted sence my birthday.but when i played it at ranger rank 3 i was about to pull my hair out!!!i was so mad,i was about to tell my dad to go and return it!but if you just try you can try to win.

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Circles are Frustrating!

posted by joedirte (CLOVIS, NM) Dec 2, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

This game was good and it was an interesting approach to the pokemon franchise. This game was a totally different approach to the pokemon rpg.The reason this game didn't get higher than a seven is because of the way you catch pokemon.And if you do succeed in catching a pokemon you can't even keep him. It' s not like in emerald version where you have a pokedex and you try to catch em all. You are a weak little ranger that uses pokemon to complete tasks and to help you catch other pokemon.But back to the way of how you catch pokemon... it sucks. You have to make circles around the desired pokemon until you have enough circles to catch it. You have a stylus in the game in which basically is your "pokeball". It has health and has a track of how long you can stretch it. If your health hits over. This is very frustrating because you might have not saved the game and you would have to start all over from square one. If a pokemon runs into your circle, your catching attempt fails and you have to try to catch the pokemon all over again. But other than the way you catch pokemon this game is actually pretty good. If you liked or thought mystery dungeon was an ok game i suggest putting this game in your gameq.If you like the original pokemon games and thought mystery dungeon was an ugly mess do not even bother putting this game in there.

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A New way to play!!

posted by Soniccloud (SOMERSET, KY) Dec 1, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

This game is a great new way to play Pokémon!
The battle sequence of this game consist of drawing circles using the stylus around the Pokémon running around the screen a certain number of times, but you have to watch out if the Pokémon attacks and hits the line you draw it will damage your styler and if it brakes game over. This game is challenging and take strategy, not just the ability to draw circles fast.
This game is worth a play through.

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