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Pokemon Platinum

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It's pearl or diamond with a few slight changes.

posted by tiloho (OSHKOSH, WI) Apr 6, 2009

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Unless you are a rabid Pokémon fan, or have never played them before, don't bother with this game. I like Pokémon, but I wish they would make a completely different game instead of remodeling ones we have already played. I want to explore new worlds and talk to new characters not retread the same old path with a few slight improvements. The main differences in most Pokémon games are what monsters you can collect, with Pokémon rangers being the exception to the rule.

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One of the best Pokémon games I have played

posted by Gmiller (MILFORD, MI) Apr 10, 2009

Member since Mar 2008

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I have been with Pokémon since the very beginning, and I can say that besides Pokémon Yellow:Special Pikachu Edition, this is the best Pokémon game I have played. The graphics were the best for a Nintendo DS game I have played; The enhanced story line did not make the game feel repetitive (I own and have beaten Pokémon Diamond); The challenges were fun and exciting; The random downloads over WI-FI make the game even more enhanced! With up to 493 Pokémon and over 30 formes to see, battle and capture, this Pokémon games needs to go into the record book. If you think it is too childish to play, think of this, why would Nintendo release a game based on monsters fighting each other with destructive attacks that would kill a human in seconds (It also has gambling!)

Despite the occasional flaw (nothing to do after you have completed the Pokedex and maxed out you Pokemons levels and received all coloured medals in the Battle Frontier) the game deserves a 9.3/10 but because this rating scale is based out of whole numbers; 9/10!

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pokemon platinum

posted by colley619 (SPRINGHILL, LA) Jun 9, 2009

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3 out of 12 gamers (25%) found this review helpful

i expected a little to much when i got this game. a nice new thing is that its in the winter during this game but i expected to see a few new pokemon maybe but platinum was just a complete downfall, the only difference between it, diamond and pearl, is that u get giratina instead of palkia and dialga.but in pokemon pearl and diamond you can also get giratina. no new graphics or styler uses and the story line is the same. hope this helped u decide if u need it or not. which is why i rate this game a 5.

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