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Simply Epic.

posted by BIOSHOCK46 (KAMAS, UT) Nov 24, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

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When I got this game I expected it to be just like Diamond/Pearl. But there were actually quite a few changes, like following Gyratina into the portal to the world. The sophistication that the characters use in their language of the game is remarkable. It would be a lot better if you played the game if you're a little older, it just makes you understand it that much more. This game is a must.

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Pokemon Platinum lives up to the name.

posted by Guardian_Wolf (TRION, GA) Mar 3, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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Pokemon Platinum is certainly the best game in the 4th generation of Pokemon games. It corrected a couple of serious flaws with the previous entries, such as slow battle animations, and limited access to fire Pokemon, and added even more to an already great generation of games, including the best post-elite-four experience I've seen in the series, outside of adding a whole region.

As typical in one of the non-spin-off entries in the Pokemon series, you can expect a great RPG experience. There are tons of "Pocket Monsters" to catch, all with different strengths, weaknesses, attacks, and abilities, and most with the ability to evolve into even larger and stronger versions of that monster. Create your team of up to 6 Pokemon of your choice to participate in battles in a 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 format. There are also a ton of items to find and unearth, with a wide variety of uses, from simply restoring health, to even evolving your Pokemon or teaching them attacks. Formulate your perfect team to take on other in-game Pokemon masters, unique legendary Pokemon, and even real life trainers with the use of Wifi Connection.

There's a whole plot with plenty of trainers and masters to face, plus the excellent post-game with more Pokemon to catch, trainers to re-battle at much higher levels, and a special area where you can battle with special rules to obtain points for items! But there's more to find here than battling. Along with the side-goal of catching all of the nearly 400 different types of Pokemon that can be obtained in this game, there are also some mini-games to be played. My favorite of which is using the 'underground' feature to dig for useful items, as well as decorative to decorate your 'hideout' that you can show off through local Wifi.

The big downside to this and almost all Pokemon games, is that the story is lackluster, and lacks any real maturity to it... and overall the game is too easy. However these setbacks are easily outweighed by the games great qualities.

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Best Game in the Franchise

posted by pokeplaya2 (GERMANTOWN, TN) Mar 21, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

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Fortunately, Nintendo includes a few more obvious additions. If online social interaction is your deal, you can now hang out with up to 20 other people.

Aside from the plaza and battle video sharing, most of the big time bonus content is loaded toward the end. The new Distortion World is an intriguing the labyrinth of floating platforms that involves walking on walls and ceilings, riding down a waterfall using the HM surf, and battling it out with the new "Origin Forme" Giratina, the mascot pokemon.

After the main quest, a new Battle Frontier,that was first introduced in Pokemon Emerald, offers plenty of tournament variations that will keep you busy for a while.

if you haven't played Diamond/Pearl and are looking for a good RPG, other than the Final Fantasy series, Platinum is absolutely the way to go!

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