Rent Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire for GBA
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Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Easy points

Catch many egg Pokemon, travel a lot, win bonus games, or hit bumpers and other interactive objects in the stage.

Grade 3 (Ultra Ball

30,000,000 x 3 = 90,000,000

Grade 4 (Master Ball

30,000,000 x 4 = 120,000,000

Capture Kecleon

Finish the Kecleon bonus round with at least 1:00 minute remaining.

Capture Groudon

Finish the Groudon bonus round with at least 1:00 minute remaining.

Capture Rayquaza

Finish the Rayquaza Bonus ROUND with at least 1:00 minute remaining.

Get to bonus stage faster

In the Pokemon Ruby field, hit the formation switch (by the pond) and sometimes Whishcash will appear. Do not hit him; he will disappear. Instead touch his mouth to transport to Sealo's bonus stage.

Kecleon bonus stage

To win in this mini-game, keep hitting Kecleon whenever he falls to the floor. To see him while he is hiding, hit the tree and get the item that falls down. It will show you where Kecleon is hiding for fifteen seconds. Keep hitting him until he surrenders. If you win, you will get 30,000,000 points.

Groudon bonus stage

After you catch six Pokemon in the Ruby field, you can enter a bonus stage to fight Groudon. He will be very difficult to defeat. He uses Rock Tomb, Earthquake, and Eruption to protect himself. You will have to keep destroying his boulders and flame towers to get to him. If you win, you will get 50,000,000 points.

Groudon bonus stage

In the Groudon bonus stage, the Pokemon appears flanked by a ring of flame torches. Instead of spending time trying to destroy the torches to gain access to the Pokemon, use it to your advantage. Before Groudon activates the shield, flip your ball up to the Pokemon. When the shield is activated, the ball is trapped within, hitting the Groudon continuously.

Kecleon bonus stage

Catch three Pokemon on the Ruby field to enter the Kecleon bonus field. Hit Kecleon when he is lying down ten times to force him to succumb. This will be difficult, as he will be invisible most of the time. To find him, follow the movement of the water puddle and bushes. To get the Devon Scope, hit the large tree in the back of the field. Get it to see Kecleon for a certain amount of time. The point calculation for this field is as follows.

Grade 1 (Poke Ball

30,000,000 x 1 = 30,000,000

Grade 2 (Great Ball

30,000,000 x 2 = 60,000,000

In-game reset

While playing the game, push Start + Select + A + B.