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i left a whole party full of legends on here

posted by deewwe619 (SHONGALOO, LA) Jul 22, 2009

Member since Oct 2005

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this game is the same as all pokemon games but the next person who gets the copy i got will have a mewtwo,groudon,kyogre,rayquaza,ho ho, and the starteer pokemon .... i may have left an achiest on it but i font remmeber

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legendary capture guide

posted by oxshaw (LA MESA, CA) Aug 13, 2007

Member since Apr 2005

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every one of these you must have the national dex to get
to catch rotom go to the mansion in the woods after you get the national dex and talk to the girl outside go inside shake the tv on the second floor and catch rotom with a quick ball .
to catch cresselia go to canalave city and talk to the boy boy in bed in the house with a plack next to it then go to the dock and the guy says would you like to go to fullmoon island once there you are there go to the little area to go into there you wil find creselia go up to her and press a she will imedetly flee pick up the lunar wing go back and heal the boy with it and from there it will be mesprite all over agian and if you dont have the marking map yet go get it from jubilife city when you get the map you can see were she is get a pokemon that knows mean look so it wont flee then wittle down its hp with fighting or psychic moves then throw out an ultra ball and end it.
to get giratina go to route 214 and then go on to the spring path you will see the fourth lake use rockclimb and head into turnback cave use defog to see better and just start walking this place is huge and anoying if exit the same way you entered any room you will go back to the entrance wounce you visit the three pillar rooms you canzip into giratinas room blast it with an ice or ghost type move then wittle it down with grass or bug type moves then throw out a dusk ball or timer ball to catch it you must take it back to the room once a month or it will go back taking any item with it.
to catch heatran go to sstark mountian and ecourt buck through it he'll take the magma stone then go to the survival area and talk to him he'll return it and then heatran will be there blast him with a fighting type move then start throwing out timer ultra and dusk balls.
regigigas sucks he is a normal type legendary with the speed of a snail and to his ability slow start he has no before taking on anyone so if u lose

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the gamer

posted by imbored (LAKE ALFRED, FL) May 25, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

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i thought the game was awesome but i got it the second day it came out and in that same week i beat it. it was hard but as the same time easy there are some people that to only get you have to trade and that would be hard if you don't know any body that has the game.

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