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I'm getting too old for this

posted by geldonyeti (BATTLE GROUND, WA) Sep 26, 2008

Member since Jul 2007

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I played the heck out of Pokemon Sapphire, enjoying the simple battle mechanic and catching new Pokemon late into the night while winding down before bedtime.

However, over time I became bored of waiting for combat to slowly play out in a manner probably intended to make it easy for kids to keep up with. Once you get the types down, it's not all that hard to beat this game. You're left with little more than a game that radiates the trademark Pokemon charm, but has little substance beneath it.

In 5 minutes of play, I can see that Pokemon Pearl is basically the same game re-engineered for the Nintendo DS. There's some pretty good features such as a Pokedex that can be quickly navigated using a clever spin-wheel and the stylus, and the Pokemon animate better here than ever.

Aside from that, it's basically the same game. The combat still plays out slow and shallow, no matter how quickly I set the combat speed and how many Pokemon I catch.

Kids love it, but I think as a rental Pokemon Pearl falls flat. Maybe there would be some appeal to collecting your Pokemon and knowing the spoils of your adventures throughout the region are there, alive and well, on your mantle when you're not playing them. However, a rental needs to be returned, and being left with just the gameplay this isn't very satisfying.

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Don't give in to the hype

posted by orbulo (PLEASANT GROVE, UT) Dec 14, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

I originally didn't want to rent this game, but my friend talked me into it. I shouldn't have listened to him. The game is pretty much the same old Pokémon RPG. The only different things are some minor stylus control, (and when I say minor I really mean it. You'll only use your stylus on a couple of menus.) Some new Pokémon, and wi-fi which is dumb because you can't just hop online and get matched up with someone, you have to have a friend's code to get online. This game looked fun while I was waiting for it to come, but just turned out to be one big disappointment.

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enjoyable to a degree

posted by codegeas2 (GUYTON, GA) Jan 21, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

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(i apologize for any misspelling in this review)

At the very least, it's something to do while having some fun during it. It's not a bad game but it...left a lot to be desired for. Well, i'm just gonna skip to the pros and cons of the game
PROS: the new wi-fi features, i mean how cool is that?! you can battle others on line, trade with anyone in the world, and while doing all that, you can even talk with the people provided you have the wired head-set.
just TONS of little Pokémon critters to find and catch, i believe that there are a little over a hundred new Pokémon for everyone to find, battle, capture, train, then use against you're in game rival, or beat you're friends or brothers

CONS: almost no touch screen actions are need, all movement are done by using the d-pad.

the infamous air bubbles. i mean c'mon, we know the nintendo DS games are capable of voice overs, but instead, we watch row after row of air bubbles

the general dynamic of the game. story involves you going around the world and battling any trainer who looks at you funny, fight the gym leaders, get the badge, fight the gang (i.e team rocket, team magma, team aqua, and the new team galactic) repeat till you get eight badges, go to the Pokémon league, fight the elite 4, beat the champion, and then catch all the Pokémon you have yet to. then again, that is basically what Pokémon is...just saying'

i'm not saying this was a bad game, i just think it's a bit lacking and had a lot more potential, well, hoped this helped somebody out there

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