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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team


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Acquire 7500 Rescue Points


Acquire 1500 Rescue Points


Acquire 15000 Rescue Points


Acquire 3000 Rescue Points


Acquire 500 Rescue Points

Stormy Sea

Talk to Medicham, he will be near your HQ, then talk to Lombre in Pokemon Square, after that talk to Wishcash to get HM Dive and access to dungeon.

Stormy Sea(Kyogre)

Talk to Lombre when Medicham tells you something about him drowning, then obtain the HM Dive from Whiscash to unlock Stormy Sea.

Unown Relic

Purchase the friend areas 'Aged Chamber AN' and 'Aged Chamber O?' from Wigglytuff. (11 floors)

Waterfall Pond

After you beat the game and the credits roll

Western Cave

Recruit Ho-oh in Mt. Faraway, then a event will trigger opening this dungeon


Acquire 50 Rescue Points

Northern Range

Purchase friend area "Southern Island" and have/get HM Surf. After that do a mission or dungeon to trigger event.

Northwind Field(Suicune)

Finish Lightning Field.

Pitfall Valley

Accesible after completing Northern Range

Purity Forest

Unlocked after completing Pitfall Valley. This is where you can find Celebi.

Silver Trench (Luiga)

Recruit Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres,then clear Stormy Sea and Pitfall Valley,Talk to Alakazam, then the birds. (99 floors, Dive needed to enter)

Southern Cavern

Get the friend area 'Boulder Cave' from a rescue mission. (50 floors)

Grand Sea

Purchase the 'Serene Sea' friend area from Wigglytuff.(30 floors, Dive needed to enter)

Howling Forest

Get the friend area 'Sky Blue Plains'.There will be a request on the rescue board by a Smeargle. (15 floors)

Joyous Tower

Unlocked after completing Pitfall Valley

Lightning Field(Raikou)

Finish Fiery Field.

Meteor Cave

Recruit Lugia in Silver Trench, then a event will trigger opening this dungeon

Mt. Faraway(Ho-oh)

Finish Northwind Field.

Buried Relic

Clear Stormy Sea, read newsletter, go to Pokemon square then talk to Lombre then to Shiftry for access.

Darknight Relic

Purchase the 'Secretive Forest' friend area from Wigglytuff. (15 floors)

Desert Region

After you beat the game and the credits roll

Fiery Field(Entei)

Obtain Hm Surf from the Solar Cave. Spinda will then visit and tell you about a mirage Pokemon. You can now go to Fiery Field.