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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

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A really great game

posted by TheReviewer009 (COLUMBUS, NJ) Jun 18, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

Pokemon Mystery dungeon is a really fun series, and this game is no exeption. The story places yourself being turned into a pokemon depending on how you place your traits at the beginning of the game. You are stranded on a beach when the pokemon who chose to be your partner comes to the beach finding you unconscience with no memory whatsoever of what happend before you crashed onto the sand. This game was a remake of pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time, and darkness. Unlike the regular pokemon games (you know diamond, pearl.) You progress through places called dungeons where you will find items that help you on your journey. At first at the first dungeon, you can only hold one item. But when you progress through the game, you can hold more, and more items. As a remake, Explorers of the Sky adds optional sidequests that can done on the title screen that give you an idea of the characters backround stories. Downsides of the game are that dungeons can be a little bland, and the hunger issue that forces you to eat food such as big, or regular apples or you will constantly lose health. Unlike most pokemon games, this game expresses the most emotion I have ever seen in a pokemon game. I have played this game over, and over and I would cry at least once in the main story. The character development is outstanding, and the boss battles are really great. The pokemon series have a lot of good bad guys, but this one has one of the greatest. And the rare cutscences that happen during the main story are amazing for DS standerds. The controls are not that bad, and the graphics are very nice too, although they can be bad. I loved every moment of this game, and I think it should be tried out at least once for every pokemon fan

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posted by UnicornTwilight (SPRINGFIELD, IL) Feb 11, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon returns with their 6th game, Explorers Of Sky, a retelling of the storyline of Time and Darkness but with added post scenarios and more Pokemon choices.

You find yourself washed onto a beach where your found by your future partner, what Mystery Dungeon is good at is telling a story that can be heartwarming, touching, and even angering, together you and your partner join the Wigglytuff's Guild to become explorers and find yourself involved in your origins as well as showing your worth in the Guild.

This is a story about friendship, trust, and miracles, and the real power anybody can have.

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Very Good

you should know...

posted by electavire (LAGUNA HILLS, CA) Dec 10, 2011

Member since Dec 2011

the game definitely has some nice new features and such, but you should definitely know that the story is the exact same as explorers of time/darkness. if you played the others, you might be disappointed a little but its still fun

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