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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

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Pokemon does it!

posted by gbdsmaster (MISSION VIEJO, CA) Oct 28, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

Pokemon has never been my genre of games, until this bad boy game out! Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is awesome! There's was just one problem: a little unfair... In certain dungeons, it sends you there at level 1 with only 1 pokemon...But besides that, it was great!

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Good but needed more depth

posted by Greenlink (WALNUT CREEK, CA) Oct 12, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

I,m a pokemon fan andI personally like it alot but as a reveiwer I have to say it on actually how good the game is. It's repetitive, can get boring after going through the floors like those 99floor dungeons. But you can get EVERY single pokemon in hte currently released pokemon. It has a good story graphics nothing special. so if a gave a 1 to 10 rating on the main catogories here it is
graphics 6.5
gameplay 7
story 8
addicttive 8.5
fun 8
altogether 7.5

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posted by luigiBret1 (KUNA, ID) Oct 9, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

This game is a great game for Pokémon lovers everywhere. The game consists of, like the others, blocks used to step on and also hidden blocks in which open special enhancements/ disadvantages either taking down health, attack, or defense, also there are blocks that put your attack/ defense back to normal. But take caution in doing so, for if your attack is better than normal it'll put it back to normal also so it could put you at a disadvantage. there are many starters but it comes to what type of personality, which means that you have to take a test in order to get the Pokémon that best suits you. like my main starter, Machop, the brave type which suits me well, i myself have many different personalities, but so far my fave was charmander which was my first and i made him into a charizard. the characters are charmander, machop, bulbasaur, squirtle, eevee, totodile, chikorita, quilava, meowth and pikachu. but anyway this game has a great storyline with a few rivals and a main antagonist which is gengar, and yes he is available for "capturing" but not that certain one. But besides that, before i bore you to death by rambling on i just want to tell you that it is the greatest Pokémon game so far, besides the diamond and pearl, so all I'm saying for this is get the game and if you don't want to buy it just at least try it on Gamefly by signing up and put it for your number one on the Q, just believe me for if you like the other Pokémon games then you will definitely love this one.

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