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Pink Dunsparce

To get a pink dunsparce go to island 3 and go through the cave where you get dunsparce [got rainbow ticket and got acess to ruby/saphirre] go down to the bottom and go across 3 steps go up until your on the second bit of grass and look left you may have towait a while but it works.

Beat Your Rival

To always beat your rival, you must have 2 games and 2 gameboys. First, you choose any starter in one game(Charmander), then the one your rival picks will be its weakness(Squirtle). On your otyher game, pick the final one(Bulbasaur). This is where the other gameboy comes in. You must go catch another pokemon, then trade it with your other game. You will then have two pokemon(Charmander and Bulbasaur). Train them and when you meet your rival, use the one you got in the trade(Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, or Venusaur).

Celebi, Jirachi, and Mew

You cannot legimitately catch Jirachi on Fire Red at all. You can only obtain it through the game Gale Of Darkness on Gamecube when you use the bonus CD to download it to your file on GD. You can then get it registered on your fire red's pokedex through battle and then trade it. (You cannot trade it to fire red if the entry doesn't exist)


You cannot legimitately catch Jirachi on Fire Red at all. You can only obtain it through the game Gale Of Darkness on Gamecube when you use the bonus CD to download it to your file on GD. You can then get it registered on your fire red's pokedex through battle and then trade it. (You cannot trade it to fire red if the entry doesn't exist)


Surf south from Fuschia until you hit a barrier. Then, Surf west to the Seafoam Islands. When you see boulders, push them into the pits to reach the legendary bird Articuno.


How do you get celibie 1st u must need 8 badges and now wat u do is after u get beaten by the pokemon league go back and talk to professor oak he will battle u and if u win he will give u celibe lv 50 /it is a grass pokemon very good moves wat it no's is solarbeam.mega drain.mega punch. mega kick

Cerulean Cave

Look for pokemon such as Golduck Lv49-63,Psyduck Lv30-49,Electrode Lv49-63,Magneton Lv49-61,Wobbuffet Lv55-68,Kadabra Lv49-59,Ditto Lv50-63,Primate Lv49-61,Mewtwo Lv70,Mew Lv50 P.S.Defeat Elite four 12 times and search for Mew in cave.Trust me.I already have all the pokemon from this cave.

Get all starters

To get all the starters (Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle), you will need two Game Boy Advances and another Pokemon GBA game. Start with Bulbasaur, then trade it to your other Pokemon game. After that, start a new game. Start with Charmander and trade it. Then, start another new game and start with Squirtle. Keep Squirtle and catch two Pokemon that you do not want. Trade them for the other two starters you traded to your other Pokemon game. You will now have all three starters.

Get Arydactol

(You need cut) Go to Pewter city. There is a small biulding connected to the Science Museum. Use cut and go in the building. Then talk to the man standing next to the little fossil on a plaque. Talk to him and he will give you a fossil called Old Amber. Take the Old Amber to Cinnabar Island and take it to the Pokemon Lab. Go to the R&D room and give the Old Amber to the Weird Doctor (yes, that\'s his real name) standing next to the machine. Walk, out of the room and then walk back in it and the doctor will give u Arydactol.


It is possible to get Deoxys at an island in which you solve a simple puzzle.


(This code has been reported inaccurate) IF you would like a groudon you have to only have 3 badges you can't have more than that then go to pro.oak's lab and talk to himthen go next door and talk to the manby the table he will say "now that you have 3 badges you can have my groudon.

Johto Pokemon

To get your first Pokemon from the Johto Region, defeat the Elite Four. Go to Island 3, then go in the tunnel. Talk to the man and he will give you a Nugget. Go out the door, and there will be a small patch of grass. Walk around in it, and you will find your first Johto Pokemon.


On the Island 4, go to where you met Lorelli of the Elite Four. Then, Surf on the water . If you are lucky, you will see a wild Lapras.


Ledyba can be found in Pattern Bush on Six Island.

Lugia and Ho-oh

Ho-oh and Lugia are on the 8th Island


to get mew beat the elite 4 then go to oak`s lab to catch mew


You get Moltres on Island one when you defeat the cinnabar island gym leader and then go to Mt.Ember and get Rock Smash and strength to get there!


If you want Jirachi, use the Pokemon Colosseum bonus disc and transfer it, just as you would to Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire.

The Legendary Birds

It is easier to get th birds by putting them to sleep. Use venusaurs sleep powder (or a high leveled hypno will work) after you get them in the red. Use rock smash it usually takes them down by 1-5 hp. this will make them easier.


Defeat the Elite Four, then go to the Cerulean City Cave. Mewtwo will be there. You will need HM6 Rock Smash and HM3 Surf.

National Dex

Have over sixty Pokemon in your Pokedex and defeat the Elite Four. Return to Pallet Town and see the professor. He will give the National Dex to Gary and yourself. You can use it to see the data for all 386 Pokemon.

How to get Suicune?

If you want Suicune you have to beat the Elite Four. After you do that look all over the Kanto Region for a very long time and eventually you will find it.

Mystery Gift option

Enter any Pokemon Mart and go to the clipboard that is by the shop keeper on the counter. Take the survey and enter in the words "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL". The man will then alert you that you can now have access to the Mystery Gift option, after saving. To make it easier to find the word you are looking for, press Select, which will take you to A-Z mode, then select the a letter to bring up a list of words, beginning with the first letter of the word that it begins with.

Pokemon Breeding

You can breed your pokemon at the day care center. It is at the four island. If you had a Ditto, put it with other pokemon like pikachu ,is will breed into pichu.

Network Machine

This allows you to trade to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Fix the Network Machine on Island 1. To do this, get the Sapphire and Ruby items and take them to the machine.


Go to copy cat's house and click on the empty part of her table and you will find a nugget.(a nugget can be sold at a high price.)


To get Togepi you must have the Rainbow Pass. Go to Island Five. Go to Water Labyrinth and look on the map. You should see a bit of island. Go to it and talk to the old man. He will give you an egg; it is Togepi. The egg will hatch after 1,500 steps. Togepi will be at level 5.

Legendary Dogs

The legendary dog that you get in the game depends on your starter.


To catch a Zapdos, go to the Pokemon Center beside the Rock Cave. From the Pokemon Center, go up until you reach water. Surf to the Power Plant and go inside. Find your way around, and at the end you will find Zapdos, the Thunder submit Legendary Bird.

Aurora Ticket

Go to any pokemart. go to the letter and put in LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL the man will notise save your game. Go on to mystery gift you're wunder gift. Go to a pokemoncenter talk to the man in the green hat he will give you an aurora ticket.

Trainer name comment

At the Pokemon Trainer Fan Club in Saffron City, the blonde man in the back will mention the last person you battled in real life. For example, if you battle a friend who named their character "Dusty", he will say, "Dusty's cool, huh? I love the way he talks. I'd really relish a chance to meet him in person once."


These are rare wild Pokemon you can encounter:


These are rare wild Pokemon you can encounter:

Nidorino, Nidorina

These are rare wild Pokemon you can encounter:


These are rare wild Pokemon you can encounter:


These are rare wild Pokemon you can encounter:


These are rare wild Pokemon you can encounter:


These are rare wild Pokemon you can encounter:


These are rare wild Pokemon you can encounter:


These are the rare wild Pokemon you can catch using a Super Rod:


These are the rare wild Pokemon you can catch using a Super Rod:


These are the rare wild Pokemon you can catch using a Super Rod:


If u have a pokemon that knows SweetScent go to Safari Zone and use that pokemon and wild pokemon will come to u so u don\'t have to run around in the grass.

How to beat Bruno

After you have already conquered the Elite Four, use a strong Fire and Flying type and you will win. One strong attack from a Charizard, such as Fire Blast will be able to obliterate both Steelix with one hit. Hitmonlee can be defeated from one Fly (HM Tech) attack. Hitmonchan can be defeated with a Fly attack, followed by a quick Wing Attack.

How to beat Giovanni

An easy way to defeat Giovanni in all battles is to use a Water Pokemon with Surf on all his Pokemon.

How to beat the Elite Four

After beating the Elite Four and you give Celio the Ruby and Sapphire Plate (on the seven islands), you can re-challenge the Elite Four. Their Pokemon are now changed and become much more stronger than the first time you challenged them. Here are the combinations:Lorelei: Dewgong level 64, Cloyster level 63, Piloswine level 64 (replaced Slowbro), Jynx, and Lapras level 66. Bruno: Steelix level 63, Steelix level 66, Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee level 65, Machamp level 68 (his 2 Onix have evolved). Agatha: Gengar level 66, Crobat level 66, Arbok level 68, Misdreavus level 65 (replaced Haunter), Gengar level 70 (her Golbat has evolved). Lance: Gyarados level 68, Kingdra level 66, Aerodactyl level 70, Dragonite level 66, Dragonite level 72 (one of his Dragonair evolved, and the other was replaced by Kingdra). Rival: Heracross level 71, Alakazam level 69, Tyranitar level 72, and depending on who you chose at the start; If you have Bulbasaur: Gyarados level 71, Exeggutor level 73, Charizard level 75. If you have Squirtle: Gyarados level 73, Arcanine level 71, Venusaur level 75. If you have Charmander:Exeggutor level 73, Arcanine level 71, Blastoise level 75.

How to beat Sabrina

Buy a Poke Doll from the department store in Celadon City. Then, go to the top left house in Saffron City and go upstairs. Talk to the girl and she will teach one of your Pokemon Mimic. Go to the gym and begin your battle against Sabrina. Once she uses a Psychic move with one of her Pokemon, Mimic it and you will have it for the rest of the battle.

New moves

There are four new moves not found in earlier Pokemon games:Blast Burn (Fire): Power: 120, Accuracy: 100, leaves the user immobile the next turn.Hydro Cannon (Water): Power: 120, Accuracy: 100, leaves the user immobile the next turn.Frenzy Plant (Grass): Power: 120, Accuracy: 100, leaves the user immobile the next turn.Volt Tackle (Thunder): Power: 120, Accuracy:100, slightly hurts the user.


In the Power Station, in the room with Zapdos, use your Itemfinder to locate an item in that area. You should find a Thunderstone.

Rare Candy

To get more Rare Candies, look for some Meowths. You are 30% likely to get one.

Amulet Coin

Catch forty different kinds of Pokemon. Then, go to the entrance of the cycling road next to Celdon City. Go up the stairs of the house. Then, talk to Professor Oak's aide. He will give you an Amulet Coin.


Find a black mark in the grass, then go up to it and press A. REMEMBER: This will not work with items such as Big Pearl, Stardust, and Rare Candies.

Naval Rock

When you first go in, just go straight until you hit a wall. If you want to get Lugia first, go to the right. If you want Ho-oh first, go to the left. It really does not matter, because you can get both. They will both appear at level 70.

Vs Seeker

Go to the Vermilion Pokemon Center and talk to the girl closest to Nurse Joy.

Black Belt

After you get to One Island, travel up the path called Kindle Road and go towards the volcano. Along this route, you will encounter several trainers with Fighting-type Pokemon. Have your Pokemon use Thief to steal a Black Belt from each of the Pokemon. After you have a Black Belt, take it off your Pokemon and use the VS Seeker to fight the opponent again. Steal another Black Belt from his other Pokemon. Every Fighting-type on this route is equipped with a Black Belt, which boosts the power of all Fighting-type moves.

Poison Sting

The Poison Sting attack can always poison if you press and release A at the exact time.. Time it by looking at one of the bubbles. For example, fight a Mankey. The one that crosses the hand to the left of the screen is the one to time it by, by pressing A just as it starts to pass the hand and releasing it just as it pops. It always poisons the enemy. This works for all Pokemon with the Poison Sting ability against all enemies, except for Bug types. Also, the Constrict attack can always get criticals if you press and release A twice while the vines are pulsating.

Running Shoes

Follow through Viridian Forest, go to Brock (the first gym leader), and defeat him. Brock has three Pokemon: Geodude level12, Onix level 14, and Geodude level 11. Then, go to the path that leads to Mount Moon's base. Try to go past the man standing slightly past the entrance. He should stop you. He is Professor Oak's assistant. After talking to him, he will give you the Running Shoes. Additionally, your aide will give you the Running Shoes after the first gym.

Sacred Ash

Go to the Naval Rock Island (if you have the Mystic Ticket), and to the location where Ho-oh confronted you. Use the Itemfinder and it will automatically dig up the Sacred Ash, just like the Macho Brace at Viridian Gym after Giovanni left; and the Top from Pokemon Tower after Mr. Fugi left.

Infinite Nuggets

When you reach nugget bridge beat everyone up on the brige until you reach the person who gives you a nugget. Fight him and lose. Then go back to him agian and lose. Repeat as necessary.

How To Get Pass Dotted Hole

To get pass Dotted Hole you go up to it and use cut. Go through the hole.When you go,go up,then left ,then right,then down.