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PIKA PIKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Pizzalogic (DAVIE, FL) May 7, 2007

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Every Nintendo pocket system has seen its own version of Pokemon. And the DS has finally gotten its own. With almost 500 Pokemon total, and NEW internet ready features, this is one of the BEST Pokemon titles yet.

This games graphics are not its strong point. It looks very similar to the GBA release. But with some 3d effects. Battles are still in 2D. Even though its not a big jump from what it was, its still charming in it self. Its barley a downside.

The game's menus are pretty much the same except with animated pics and touch screen features. The games intro REALY could have been better. It seems very cheap. And there could have been a little more use of the touch screen. Even though the Poketech watch in your bottum screen is a GREAT asset.

One of the features that realy stands out is the ability to use the touch screen in battle. It works very will giving you explanations of things before you use them. The rest of the game pretty much plays the same.

Here is the big new feature. Yes the game has great multiplayer options and features. And there are a TON of pokemon to collect. You can even transfer Pokemon from your old GBA games and trade them with friends.

The Wifi connection is used for 2 things in this game. The battle tower where you can download other trainers online info, and verse a computer controlled version of them.

Or 2 use the GTS. the Global Trading System, is probably the best feature Pokemon could ever add. Its simple, you put a Pokemon up and put what you want to trade for it, and some one comes online and takes your offer. OR you can go shopping for a Pokemon you desire and trade for what they are offering. This allows you to pretty much finish your PokeDex with ease.

Pokemon stays true to the saying, "If it aint broke, why fix it". A lot remains the same. But some new added features REALLY put this game on top.

This game is not a RENT! ITS A BUY!

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Not Broke and Doesn't Need Fixing.

posted by pswilliams986 (ROCKY POINT, NC) Mar 28, 2012

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The two main complaints I hear about these games (or any game newer than Emerald really) is that the new pokemon aren't as good as the first 151 pokemon - or 251 pokemon who aren't hipster enough to extend their recognition to Johto as well. The other complaint is that the games never change. The latter is completely true, but is that really a bad thing? You've already heard all the good points about generation 4 and 5 if you've watched or read any other reviews for Diamond/Pearl/Platinum or Black/White, so with this review I'll shoot down some of the criticisms of the newer games that are ridiculous in my opinion.

It seems like general nostalgia bias when people claim the original pokemon are the most creative or less "ugly." With impressive looking beasts like Absol, Lucario, Flygon, Braviary, Galvantula, Hydreigon and others in the newer games its a shame for them to get downplayed. People cite pokemon like Klink (a floating gear pokemon) and Trubbish (a trash bag pokemon) and Vanillish (a snowball pokemon) as stupid ideas for being based on inanimate objects. How are they any worse than Magnemite (a floating magnet), Muk (a pile of oily sewer slime-stuff), Voltorb (a bomb) or Koffing (a floating smoke...thing?) And creativeness is out of the question for the first group of pokemon as well. For certain pokemon evolution meant little more than growing an extra head or two (Dugtrio/Dodrio/Weezing/Magenton) and others just looked like cartoon animals with a horn awkwardly pasted on their head...Goldeen and Seel come to mind. Not to bash a game that will probably be remembered as a legend, but I think Red/Blue/Yellow get way too much credit compared to the newer games.

As for repetitiveness, its true the games are more or less the same with a few minor changes each generation. Is that really bad though? I've noticed the same with other popular game series - Call of Duty, Mario, Zelda, Street Fighter, Uncharted, Halo, Gears of War, God of war, etc.

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Pokémon Review

posted by Lizard (COLUMBIA, SC) Feb 25, 2008

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It has been a while now since the first Pokémon games came on the scene. A few new generations of gameboy as well. But now that I got to try diamond does it fare as well as the old ones or does it have the sequel curse?

Easily put this Pokémon is every bit as enjoyable as other Pokémon in the past. It still has all the great battles, abilities and stuff you expect from a mainstream Pokémon game. New this time around are at least 100 new Pokémon to duke it out with as well as internet (wi-fi) capability

The first thing though that need to be mentioned is that while it still has that great formula that made the series great, the bad thing is exactly that. If you had played Pokémon red/blue then you know exactly what to expect here. It is basically the same game. The very intro is the same. While all this might or might not be a bad thing, it isn't a step forward for those of you looking for the next big thing in Pokémon

However the new online feature will add new things for you to do to keep your adventure fresh. As you might expect you can trade and battle over the net, but thats not all. There is also this underground deal were you can run about looking for treasure while interacting with other players. There are also a few minigame type deals such as making poffins that you can do with others. At the time of my renting I didn't have a connection to play Pokémon with. (my router is wired, the DS requires a wireless or a adapter, I have neither)

The game controls and looks good. Nothing flashy but not bad either. The stylus functions are pretty much limited to menu selections and battle choices, with the occasional use of the stylus in poffin making.

Overall I say if you liked Pokémon then, and still like it now enough to be thinking about renting it or buying it again, you won't be disappointed. Just don't expect a revolutionary Pokémon game. I like it just how it is.

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