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Pokemon Colosseum

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When you get to Mt. Battle and battle to the top, you will face Cipher Admin Dokim. He has Entei as a Shadow Pokemon.


To get Ho-Oh, purify all 48 Shadow Pokemon and defeat 100 trainers on Mt. Battle using only the Pokemon from your story mode team. REMEMBER: Your PC must have an empty slot.


To get Jurachi, load him into the Game Boy Advance from the bonus disc. Then, transfer him to Pokemon Colosseum.


Raikou can be found as a Shadow Pokemon of Cipher Admin Ean in the Shadow Pokemon Lab.


Suicune can be found as a Shadow Pokemon of Cipher Admin Venus in The Under.

Invincible Pokemons

You need to link cable G.B.A. and versions pokemons ruby or shappire. in coliseum buy items that raised hp up used and exchange with the G.B.A. dont saved and push off push on put your pokemon in coliseum and used hp up. Use this with all items.

Amulet coin

Finish the game, then go to the Deep Colosseum. You will find Silver Teeth as you are about to enter. Go to the old man outside the herb shop. Give them to him, he will give you UFO Disk -L. This will enable you to go left and get the Amulet Coin. The Amulet Coin gives you more money when you use the Pokemon equipped with it in battle.

Master ball

After you have the badges you will get an email from Eagun. Go to him in Agate Village. Talk to him and you will receive a Master Ball.

Deep Colosseum

Use the D-Disk on the UFO to get to the Deep Colosseum.

Herb shop

Use the F-Disk on the UFO. Instead of going in the Under Colosseum go left and up to find a Herb Shop.

Orre Colosseum

Get through the Phenac Stadium, Pyrite Colosseum, and Under Colosseum in single and double battle modes to unlock the level 50 Orre Colosseum. Get through the Tower Colosseum in single and double battle modes to unlock the level 100 Orre Colosseum.

Team Snagem Hideout

Finish the game and go to Pyrite Town. Go inside the secret passage by the bookshelf. Talk to one of the kids and fight Cail (the person with the green hair that hangs out near the entrance of Pyrite Town). After you win the battle, talk to Cail. The map will now show the Snagem Hideout.

Purify quickly

Get the Time Flute and call Celebi. When Shadow Pokemon see Celebi, they will become purified. Alternately, get the Time Flute to Jurachi to do the job.

To get the silk scarf

Go to Agate Village go to the northwest part there will a cave go in. There will be two boxes 1 is a ultra ball the other 1 is the silk scarf.

Time flute

To get the time flute go to mt. battle and find cipher admin dakim after you beat him this guy will give you the time flute or you can go to the very top of mt. battle and beat the mt. battle master and when he ask you to get teleported don't go back to the stairs and find a box that's the time flute.