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Pokemon Channel

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Skip show segments:

Push L, R while watching the television to cycle through the channels and advance to the next segment on the first channel you watched.

  • L, R
    Skip show segments
Rewind and fast forward Pichu Bros. Scenes:

Push L (rewind) or R (fast forward) during a a Pichu Bros. scene that you have not seen before.

  • L, R
    Rewind and fast forward Pichu Bros. Scenes
Speed up the game:

To speed up the game (speed the delivery time of the packages up, change the time of day so that you can access cards that are only accessable during a certen time of the day, ect) by changing the time on the game cube's internal clock to any desired time! (to access this, if you don't know already, hold the A button down when starting up the game cube).

  • Hold A
    Speed up the game