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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Get the Amulet Coin

Find the three dancers in Castelia City. The first is by the fountain. Defeat him in battle to initiate the search for the next two. One is on Narrow Street and the other is on Unity Pier. Defeat them both and talk to them afterwards to send them back to the fountain. Return to the fountain after all three dancers are defeated and they will reward you with the Amulet Coin.

Get the EXP Share

Clear the Battle Company in Castella City. Defeat the "CEO" and he'll give you the EXP Share.

Get the Lucky Egg

Fight your way through the Chargestone Cave to get the Lucky Egg from Professor Juniper at the exit. Or get it randomly from the man in the sunglasses near Route 13.

Get the Health Wig

Find it on Charizard Bridge when stepping on top of the black dot near the center.

Unlock the National Dex

Defeat the Elite Four for the first time. Resume your game after the credits to get the National Dex from Professor Juniper.