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Good for pokeMANIACS!! horrible for anyone else

posted by HerofTIme (HILLSBOROUGH, NJ) Jul 14, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

Poketopia's neon lights and city sounds attract many trainers, but I for one am not falling into the giant fly zapper. Graphically, this game is fantastic! But, this game's beauty is only skin deep. Within the Candy-Coated world of Pokemon there is battling. This combat is usually served with a side order of story, and some collecting (for zest). This pokemon atrocity is not a game. It's a rushed off the market after-thought to pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Now, do not get me wrong, I like Diamond and Pearl, I own Diamond, and am having fun with Battle Revolution fighting my friends in DS Battle Mode.
But, thats about it. DS Battle Mode is the only reason to buy this game. Wi-fi is in essence, a cake baked in too hot an oven. They rushed it. Maybe Wii is not ready for Wi-fi, and maybe the Wi-fi just is'nt good, but the online play is all about battling! Battling is the heart of Battle Revolution, and without a villainous gang to stop or a world to save, there is no motivation to battle. With no motivation battling is no fun. Nintendo and the Pokemon Company designed this game to draw in gullible 8-year-olds. Im 14 and I like Diamond version, because it has substance. There is nothing in Revolution. If this game was cheaper, or even came as a pack-in with Pokemon Bundle, its score would rise to maybe a 7 or 8, the cost of this game is not worth it. Thanks to GameFly, you can try it before you buy it. Pokemon Battle Revolution 5 out 10.

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Above Average

Gotta Catch Em All....Well Maybe not..

posted by jrb9803 (MORROW, GA) Jul 10, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

This game has been hyped since the Wii's release in November, i will admit i was very hyped up about Nintendo going online..but sadly if you dont have Pearl or Diamond for the DS its about as fun as a info comercial..with that out of the way..the game does deliever in a lot of ways..there is a in deft fighting system(ie every other Pokémon game) with multiplayer using your DS as a well as the online play that lets you choose between fighting a friend or someone on the net. takes a little bit to load but it works out great...all in all if you have Pearl or Diamond rent it..If you dont stay away at all cost

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Really Bad

Way WAy WAy To repetitive

posted by SternFan (POWELL, OH) Jul 8, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

First of all people are giving this game way too much credit.
The game is nothing but a pretty version of Pokémon stadium. Hmm.... that game wasn't a quick money scam at all. If you absolutely love the Pokémon universe check it out. But for anyone that isn't 12, or living with their mother(Just kidding). Don't come near this thing. It works for a quick poke fix, if you've finished Diamond and Pearl. But has no longevity, the lack of adventure mode really sucks this game dry. A two might be generous. However the online works pretty well especially since friend codes are absent, but then again no voice chat what so ever. Hmm... NAH!

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