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Pokemon Battle Revolution

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posted by FreshP (BOULDER, CO) Jul 19, 2007

Member since Nov 2006

i really liked this game it was way more realistic and had great ways to catch pokemon. the wii part made it way BETTER EVery pokemon fan needs this game

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Above Average

Many cool firsts, but ultimately weak.

posted by Paradise23 (OXNARD, CA) Jul 17, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

Worth renting only if you have diamond or pearl, the fact that this game offers a lot of firsts for the Wii makes it more exciting. The game feels very shallow and rushed though. The graphics aren't nearly as good as i thought they would be. Many of the battle animations look no different than the N64 versions. The pokemon still stand in there "spot" instead of running around trying to make the battle more intense and realistic. No effort in that spot. Instead of pokemon fainting right after they fall, they run back to their spot to then faint. Very robotic. I guess you can say that if you were to compare this game to what it could have been if more time and effort was spent on it, it would really suck.

So for a 50$ price tag, low depth and no extra features makes this game feel very very weak. But, the fact that it is pokemon little kids will love it anyways. It has it's fun moments i am still enjoying it but it could've been way cooler. It feels more like an expansion of the DS games than a full fledged game. It is nice to have if you feel like battling online or battling your friends on a big screen, but like i said very shallow.

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got a battle them all.. with new pokemon!

posted by halokid (CANTON, OH) Jul 15, 2007

Member since Jun 2006

This game is only about 1 sole thing. That is battling Pokémon. Without Pokémon diamond/pearl this game is basically nothing. Same as Pokémon stadium for the nintendo 64. except for u cannot choose from Pokémon in the game. you would either have to use the horrendous rental passes or have diamond/pearl for a good team!

Now the graphics are not very good. Sure it'll give some the "oh my god my brand new Pokémon are 3d!" feeling but it'll leave some gamers wondering why they look so weak. The fire from flamethrower is horrendous! looks almost like cardboard flames from those fake fires.
Online is also bad. Say what you want sure it's the first on line game for wii but it's still bad. Exchanging friend codes is hard and most people don't remember they're whole friend codes so friends sometimes cant even play with one another! Random battle is fun but leaves you with the feeling that more could have been done as you will find many players have a team full of super powerful leg end aries. You can both agree to exchange passes so you have their team to use but... by using their team it makes it less fun for every1 else.

Basically only get this game if you're a die hard Pokémon fan. Because then you'll get a blast out of playing online. For others just rent it and get the rare unlockable surfing pikachu and save yourself $50.

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