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Playboy: The Mansion

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Gameplay Controls

Playboy: The Mansion

GamePlay: From the main gameplay screen, control all aspects of your empire and access the six primary menus: Roster Menu, Hef Menu, Magazine Menu, Mansion Menu, Pause Menu, and Action Menu.

Roster Menu: To access, press down on the Directional Pad. Shows you a "who's who" of the Playboy Mansion. See who's available for hire and who's in your little black book. Throw parties from this menu. Access vital info including names, professions, fame levels, zodiac signs, current locations, phsiques, intellects, charm, likes and dislikes, etc. People will be split into four groups - In Mansion, Staff, Celebrities, and Inner Circle.

Hef Menu: To access, press left on the Directional Pad. Contains your goals, stats, finances, and a help screen.

Magazine Menu: To access, press up on the Directional Pad. Choose content for the current issue, review existing content, and select your Playmate of the Year.

Mansion Menu: To access, press right on the Directional Pad. Create the Playboy Mansion of your dreams.

Pause Menu: To access, press the Start button. Pauses the game and allows you to load/save games, adjust game options, etc.

Action Menu: To access, walk up to a person and press the X button. Allows you to throw parties or interact with any person/object in your mansion. View the Conversation HUD to learb about your various relationships.

Directional Buttons Access Menus
X Button Action Menu. Use Objects. Hire Staff Members.
Triangle Button Access People Finder
Square Button Access Relationship Screen
Circle Button Exit People Finder
L2 Button Mood Indicator

X Button Snap Picture
Triangle Button Change Model's Pose
Square Button Change Model's Clothes
L1 Button Zoom In/Out
R1 Button Zoom In/Out
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Angle Camera Up/Down
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Pan Around the Model