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posted by Stefan1313 (SAINT CHARLES, IL) Mar 30, 2011

Member since Nov 2010

14 out of 17 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

I dont know why the user rating is so low on this game. I am starting not to trust gamefly users. This game is lots of fun if you have a move and nav controller. There are a ton of trophies to get and you will have a fun time getting them. I wouldnt buy it right away but surely rent it. If your a plastation plus member you can play it for an hour for free by trial. DONT buy on PSN, its $40.00. Rent it from gamefly. Personally I rent games till I get the platinum then return them. If it looks like a long FUN platinum with replayability I buy it. This one I bought cause I have kids that like it, I got the PLATINUM in like a week. LOTS of fun, WORTH renting for sure, the move controller is crazy accurate..

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I really love ratchet and jak

posted by nastymacaa (GAINESVILLE, FL) Apr 8, 2011

Member since Apr 2009

1 out of 6 gamers (17%) found this review helpful

I hate how i got so excited that there was a new game comming out with jak let alone ratchet in one game but i never got to far in the game yeah it was cool but wish there more to it then just challenges and an actual world to walk around and check things out i turned it in which sucks bcuz i usually play all the ratchet and jak games hoping now that they put jak in a game there will a new one out soon same with ratchet more invidual games of them and there own stories and worlds please!!!

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posted by Metoo999 (NEW YORK, NY) Aug 1, 2012

Member since Aug 2007

I put this in my queue pretty much because my PS Move was collecting dust. This is a bargain cart title if I ever saw one. The graphics are very nice, but the Move controls are spotty. With the 1:1 controls the Move can do, controlling the game's whip was abysmal.

This is definitely a kid's game, but I can't even see kids keeping with this for long. There's a dumb story shoe-horned and the gameplay is very choppy. It would have been better as a digital title for the PS Vita.

The camera constantly turns where you don't want it to and because you don't have a right analog stick, you're stuck holding the lock-on button all the time. Why couldn't it just stay still?

I finished the first world and sent it back early. If you're really desperate for a PS Move game, try Dead Space Extraction, Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection, or Sorcery.

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