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Above Average

6.2 - All Stars or No Stars?

posted by SlaughterFox13 (SACRAMENTO, CA) Apr 26, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

First watching the intro video when starting the game, I had high hopes. Had fun characters that played VERY well. The game however is quite silent with unmemorable soundtracks. With the DLC characters, the roster was not very big in number. The unlocks felt very worthless since most of it was for my online tag even though you had to pay for a pass to play online.

The characters felt unbalanced, some being way more overpowered or faster than others. Some characters would have long ranged attacks yet NO close range attacks, some attacks could not even stun enemies. Some characters have ONLY close range, that being a little better when using weapons. There are about five weapons in the entire game, most with the same feel of attack, guns for long ranged attacks and melee weapons for close ranged attacks.

Going into this game, I expected it to be memorable, like most fan-based fighters should be. Not the case, however. Instead some controls felt clunky, some characters not even moving when attacking. Making me feel like I am a solid brink wall with arms, thrashing around in the same spot. There isn't a running machanic. If you are a slow character, tough, you're just going to have to get used to being slow and clunky. You can not throw a weapon up or down in the game. Weird since there are plenty of throwable weapons in the game. Feeling like a clunky wall yet?

The character attacks are impressively well made. Most characters have the very same attacks they do in the games they appear in. Sometimes the background of the map causes attacks and such, very fun when playing with three other players. The game felt funner with teams of 2 on 2 or just a 4 man free for all, no 1 on 1 play.

I did like the game, it just did not feel memorable is all. Maybe it wasn't supposed to but when you have Ratchet and Jak fighting each other, you can't help but want it to be memorable. All and all, I feel it should have been a free HD copy installed into the PS3 or somet

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GF Rating


Shockingly Disappointing

posted by Imhotepsson (BATON ROUGE, LA) Apr 9, 2014

Member since Jul 2013

This game is BAD. The characters all play the exact same way, the only difference is the different animations each character has. The gameplay is LITERALLY "Mash Square, circle, or triangle until your special meter goes up, then press R2". The way you have to win matches in Arcade Mode is completely random (Sometimes, you can only win by having the most kills at the end of the 3 minute period, other times you can only win by eliminating all enemies at the same time, & other times you can only win by eliminating the enemies one by one. Plus, the unlockables you get are so meh that there's no incentive to unlock them unless you're some kind of hardcore completionist.

The graphics & sound are passable, nothing really memorable in a game that tries to be memorable.

The only reason why I'm not rating this a 1 is cause the background events that happen during a match are pretty well done, & cause the final boss is Polygon Man, a nice throwback to Playstation's very 1st mascot (Though the boss battle is absurdly easy, even on the All-Star difficulty)

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GF Rating

Very Good

No Online Pass

posted by Basskarma (EDWARDSBURG, MI) Apr 2, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

Great game but if you plan to play online with friends that have this game i would suggest not getting this game

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