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A Great Crossover Fighter.

posted by d3v4daw1n (NATHALIE, VA) Nov 24, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

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When I first heard that Sony would be creating a Super Smash Bros. type game I was instantly eagerly awaiting its release, I must say I was moderately disappointed in certain aspects, and yet pleasantly surprised in others.

There are several factors in Battle Royale that I do like over Nintendo’s predecessor. There is a fair amount of customization in the game. The stages in this game are also incredibly enjoyable, the art styles of the stages stay true to their origins, and each one is colorful in its own way. My favorite part of the stages though, is that they cross over between games. It’s incredibly fun, creative, and gives personality to each level.

My main issue with this game is the scoring system, which grows boring. It’s as simple as beating up the enemy to fill a bar, and using a special ability once the bar is full to kill them. While this is fun starting off, I would have liked to see other game modes involving stamina or knocking opponents off the map. There’s a wide range of characters, but I don’t feel that Sony’s product blends the characters together well. Some feel bland and out of place. Certain characters feel fluent, while others take a bit of practice. Kratos for example, requires little more than mashing buttons and he’s slicing and dicing everything in his perimeter.

In closing, I did find this game fun. I give this a 7 despite the repetitive kill system since the game play is enjoyable in small bursts. I found playing through each campaign to feel like a chore after a point. Fans of Smash Brothers will enjoy this, but should be weary that it isn’t a clone. As a rental, you should also be aware that you require an online pass to participate in online game modes, so that takes out what is likely a considerable portion of the fun. I’m sure I would give this an 8 if full access was available without an access code (depending on how enjoyable online play is) but I feel 7 is appropriate for what fellow renters will have acce

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GF Rating


Not great.

posted by Khedgified (ZEPHYRHILLS, FL) Dec 24, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

4 out of 9 gamers (44%) found this review helpful

We were expecting so much more with this game. It was very disappointing. I think it was hurried through testing. You have to completely restart the game to go back to the menu options. You can't back out like on all other games.

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posted by Sonic123 (VIRGINIA BEACH, VA) Nov 22, 2012

Member since Dec 2010

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Ok so a lot of people have been underating this game but it can be fun. it's a good game and by the way, it has the new dante because crapcom wanted to advertise. You only get the original by his level 3 so it's a good game. you just need to appreciate it! ;)

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