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Above Average

It's no Smash Bros.

posted by newrival (WESTMONT, IL) Jan 28, 2013

Member since Feb 2008

I rarely write reviews, but I thought I needed to say a few words. This game is really fun on the onset, but it's flaws are quickly apparent.

If you have never played Ninetendo's Smash Bros. , maybe you'll like this, if you have it will quickly lose it's shine. The characters are fun, and their moves are great, but the fact that the only way to make a KO or knock them out of play is by one of your 3 super moves is dumb. Not to mention the level 3 move animations are completely disruptive and not entertaining. The interactive levels are great, but the battles are boring.

If they were going to so closely mimic Smash Bros., they should've gone all the way. The gameplay is just not great. And if you're only doing one player modes, it's completely worthless. It's about 30 minutes to beat the game with any character, and there is no incentive. Highly repetitive and uninteresting.

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Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Review

posted by VampireJoe (PAW PAW, MI) Jan 22, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

The game is not that bad with people saying it's a ssb clone. IT IS SUPPOSE TO BE it's just sony's turn to do it with PlayStation characters. The game is fun with your family or friends. But there are some cons about the game. There are glitches in online, people using op characters such as kratos, raiden or dante. The game just doesn't really feel like a ssb clone to me. My excuse is also they made the supers only to kill people so no health....Just killing people with supers. I can't really get a game in 1st anyway because people using the op characters and people who just don't try other characters. The game deserves a 7/10 though it's not great enough to be a ssb clone but a good one to say the least.

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Pretty good, could be better

posted by dsb1983 (BEATRICE, NE) Jan 18, 2013

Member since May 2011

When Sony first announced PASBR I thought, "Oh great, a Smash Bros clone", but I still decided I would at least give it a try once it released. I'll admit that when I received the beta access through PS+ I wasn't impressed by the tutorial, because I felt like the game seemed dated in spite of not being released yet. My opinion changed once I received the game from Gamefly.

Like Smash Bros games, single player experiences can seem monotonous after an hour, but there is nothing to compare to the multiplayer experience (LAN) --- Four friends sitting in a room using crazy rules just for fun. Here's some pros and cons.

+A well thought out progression model for each character.
+Great four player action.
+Awesome level designs.

-Single player can become boring within an hour or two.
-All characters are unlocked from the very beginning leaving no incentive for beating the game.
-Some characters' special moves seem unbalanced at times.
-There is no variety in the specials besides the 3 levels of damage. What I mean is that every level 3 special from Sweet Tooth is him becoming a transformer --- This gets boring within the first few times you use it.

Overall I thought the game was a great Smash Bros style game with a few great additions and a few shortcomings. I hope that if nothing else, this game makes Nintendo rethink their next Smash Bros title, because they are starting to get stale.

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