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Fun, if Unbalanced

posted by Hero_of_Shapier (WEST COLUMBIA, SC) Feb 18, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

Pros: Having Kratos square off against Spike and Ratchet in the Frenzea homeworld is hilarious. The stages look and sound excellent, with some really fun mashups, and the game mechanics are easy to pick up and execute. Nice, if sometimes esoteric, cast of characters.

Cons: Some characters - I'm looking at you, Kratos - are considerably more powerful than others. Some are downright weak. The arcade mode gets a little repetitive due to lack of stage variety (at least, I always got certain stages repeated). No Rapture stage for Bioshock fans; instead, we are treated to scenes from Bioshock Infinite (advertising, anyone?).

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A Nice Distraction

posted by monkey54 (MARTINSBURG, WV) Feb 15, 2013

Member since Dec 2010

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale tries to take the ever so popular fighting formula of the Super Smash Bros. series, makes a few changes to it and puts Playstation characters in it. So does it work? Well...kinda. Now it is a lot like Smash bros, you have a mini story mode for each character, a local and online multiplayer section and a good amount of characters and stages to play on. The fighters can arrange from good (Kratos, Sly cooper) To decent (PaRappa the Rapper, Jak and Daxter) to just plain awful (Sir Daniels..ugh) The mini story is nice but can be a bit of a challenge at some times. The stages are also a nice touch and have great visuals but I wish there were more of them. Lastly the gameplay is a mixed bag, the super moves are nice and mix up the action a bit, but it can make the game a lot harder than it needs to be. In the end Playstation All stars is a fun distraction to play with your friends for a couple of days. A good rent, not so much a buy though.

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jg reviews playstation all stars battle royale

posted by battlemage (PLEASANT GROVE, AL) Feb 5, 2013

Member since Feb 2011

"Playstation all stars is at heart a super smash brothers knock off or clone whichever word you like best but dont let that stop you from playing the game its amazing its like a love letter to both new and hardcore playstation fans you have a list ranging from playstations current mascots nathan drake kratos cole mcgrath to ps1 mascots spike from ape escape and prappa the rappa ps2 mascots jak and daxter and ratchet and clank are in the game and so is big daddy from bioshock dante from the devil may cry games the games gameplay differs on your play style each character has their ups and downs like big daddy is strong and powerful but slow prappas attacks are short but he is fast there isnt a story just a basic arcade mode .Sometimes you realize that but your having to much fun the final boss is polygon man a floating head its okay if you have no idea what or who iam talking about hes a former mascot for the first playstation the strong point for this game is the muliplayer i have never had so much fun with four people fighting aganist each other in the same room. of courlse there are a few characters that havent showed up ahem crash bandicoot and spyro which they should..... oh downloadable content wouldent hurt character wise in the future". +great game online and off + playstation characters past and present +insane muliplayer with friends and online - no story - playing online aganist other seems pointless cause you always get your butt handed to you by kratos hes over powered by the way overall grade B+

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