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GF Rating

Really Bad

Okay but have to pay to play online

posted by Xeronith (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Mar 13, 2013

Member since Jul 2012

Every one says its online play is what makes its fun, and i bought the ps3 so i wouldn't have to pay to play online, but it looks Sony really screwed us on this one and went xbox style and made it were you need to pay $10 to even use it online

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GF Rating


Sony Smash Bros?

posted by NikkiNein (TAMARAC, FL) Mar 12, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

First things first, it's a solid game, the controls are tight and everyone plays as you would imagine them to. Each character feels different (except for Cole and Evil Cole) and the moves show off what they do in their own games. My major problem is with the character list, it feels like they were having trouble picking a decent roster.Big Daddy from Bioshock wasn't even on a PlayStation console until a year after it came out, they used "new" Dante instead of the one people are familiar with, and there's 2 versions of Cole from inFamous.
Despite my minor gripes with the game, it's still worth checking out, and it may hold you over until the next Super Smash Bros. game.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

This Game is a Piece of Garbage

posted by punkbenRN (SANBORNTON, NH) Mar 11, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

Awful. Character selection is pitiful, reward system is boring (basically costumes and music), levels become quickly redundant. Characters aren't even close to being equal; trying fighting Radec with Sackboy. This was an obvious ploy to cash in on the super smash brothers market, and they failed so very badly.

One thing that really drives me crazy is that you are required to use a special move to knockout your opponent. This makes the melee redundant and meaningless, and if you miss when trying to pull off your move you have to start building your meter all over again. It is a very tedious process.

Weapons in the level break down to five weapons. thats it. Not even good ones, just like five or six. Unlockable players are shown before you unlock them, taking what little fun that could be out of the game.

When in a 4x4, the screen gets so cluttered with action its hard to see your own character. On top of that, the interactive levels are more of a nusiance than anything, constantly getting swat by the background Hades or whatever.

Where is Leon from RE? Where is any Assassin's Creed character? Really - no call of duty or battlefield type character? This game really, really, really, really sucks.

Try it if you want to, I completely understand the appeal -- I thought I would love this game. This game gets so boring and monotonous so quick, its really not worth your time.

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