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GF Rating

Above Average

Shows potential but not fully there.

posted by N3xium (DETROIT, MI) Jun 18, 2013

Member since Jul 2010

Pros- Easy controls, fun characters to play, fun overall gameplay, and cross-play with Vita.

Cons- Online pass, arcade mode felt tedious, online matches can take a while to setup, and my copy (as well as many others) kept freezing when in arcade mode which would make a player have to restart that characters entire arcade story over again.

Overall: Overall I found the game fun but I had to deduct 2 points for the fact they threw in an online pass even though the developer will no longer be doing much with this anymore and another 2 for the fact my copy (as well as others) kept freezing on arcade mode which would make you have to redo that characters arcade story from the start. That second issue could have been easily fixed with a patch/update but they have chosen to do nothing and leave it where it is at this time. This game showed great potential to be a fun arcade fighting game like Super Smash Bros but they need a bit more work before they get there. Recommend only as a rental or a bargain bin buy.

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GF Rating


great game, but it is underrated

posted by kbildens (SAINT PAUL, MN) Jun 2, 2013

Member since Mar 2012

i want to teach you guys a lesson and its one up from super smash bros and every ps3 owner should buy it,
if you dont buy it, your a chump

this game has a whole bunch of characters and doesnt show the lack of internet that ssbb had.
it has less characters than bros brawl but it has more specials with the 3 special moves for each character
its a good game

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GF Rating


Fun but not enough to last... maybe

posted by Sourpatchjunkie (OKLAHOMA CITY, OK) May 22, 2013

Member since May 2013

I am giving this a seven because the game is good fun but does not compel me over the long term.

The good: There is a lot of action, obvious to anyone who has played it before. There is a selection of memorable and loved characters if you are into playstation exclusive content or have simply become an Uncharted fanboy. There are nice graphics, and the background arenas are creatively done.

The unlockables items can be entertaining and it's always nice to get stuff.

The bad: The unlockables items are not enough. The leveling system does not mean that the character gets stronger. A level 45 Kratos has as much chance in the ring, power wise as a level one Sackboy. Sackboy is fun but c'mon... God of War being overpowered by a puppet? No way...

Melee in the game, except for the "Supers", of course, does not carry that much weight in that the damage you do does not seem to vary much if at all based on the type of general attack you use. The arc and or range of the attackā€™s reach seem to matter more. This latter characteristic does not help to make the characters evenly matched but only makes them unbalanced in a different way.

Perhaps it would have been a fun game more if I were an avid online, multiplayer type of gamer. I am not and so the game did not hold much sway for me in the longer term.

If you're like me, rent to play.

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